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Graham spends the day with the most decorated professional surfer ever, 11-time world champion, Kelly Slater. Slater - both the youngest and oldest surfer to win world titles - opens up about bringing surfing to the Summer Olympics, coping with his father's battle with alcoholism and a recent near-death experience during a surfing accident. Slater also welcomes viewers into his life today, including his pursuit to build Kelly Slater Wave Parks, his passion for music, his sustainable apparel brand and a trip to the Malibu coast to teach Graham to surf.

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Kelly Slater: The waves run my life

Kelly Slater details his nonstop travel schedule and the unpredictability of where he’ll sleep that night

Kelly Slater: I may still compete at 50

Kelly Slater shares the advantages of older pro surfers and his motivations to continue surfing for years

Kelly Slater: My man-made waves and the Olympics

Kelly Slater on inspiration and competitive perks of Kelly Slater Wave Parks, which will feature man-made waves

Kelly Slater: I was 21, world champ and broke

Kelly Slater discusses his family’s struggle for lunch money and mismanaging his first million dollars

Kelly Slater: Dad’s death forced me to be a man

Kelly Slater on life with and without his dad, who suffered from alcoholism and passed away in 2002 from cancer

Kelly Slater: I was embarrassed to be on Baywatch

Kelly Slater candidly analyzes motivations for success, plus reflects on rocky times with mom and on Baywatch

Kelly Slater: Tough to be there for daughter

Kelly Slater discusses difficulties of being a father and maintaining his career as an elite pro surfer

Kelly Slater: I beat guys twice my age as a kid

Kelly Slater talks about his childhood and how ditching school and football practice impacted his surfing career

Kelly Slater on the wipeout that nearly killed him

Kelly Slater shares life-threatening surfing experiences, including 50-foot waves, getting knocked out

Kelly Slater: I'll surf in Olympics at 48-years-old?

Kelly Slater on potential of surfing at an event at 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and his interest to compete

Kelly Slater: My singing and ukulele skills

Writing songs and making music

Kelly Slater takes TV host surfing in Malibu

Kelly Slater offers surfing tips to Graham Bensinger as the two ride waves in Malibu, Ca.


Kelly Slater: Tour of my fashion headquarters

Kelly Slater takes Graham Bensinger on a tour of his apparel company and shows off shorts made from fishing nets