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Season 4: John Daly

In Depth with John Daly

Graham sits down with John Daly at his home in rural Arkansas. The outspoken golfer talks about the recent downward trajectory of his career. Daly addresses his personal struggles off the course, including his problems with alcohol, gambling, smoking, and his numerous marriages. He also reflects on the two early career wins that made him a pro golf sensation - the ‘91 PGA Championship and the ‘95 British Open. Daly and Graham tour his extensive memorabilia collection, his motor home away from home, and even hit some tee shots on his golf course.

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John Daly’s greatest wins: the ‘91 PGA and ‘95 British Open

John Daly discusses barely making the ‘91 PGA Championship, and why the British Open made his career.


John Daly: President Clinton doesn’t play fair on the course

John Daly jokes about golfing with the former President, and his excessive habit of taking mulligans.


John Daly on gambling away $55 million

John Daly admits to his gambling addiction, with losses over $50 million and two days straight at the slots


John Daly: Second guessing his approach to golf

John Daly admits he’s practicing more than ever before, but nothing seems to be paying off.


John Daly: “I should be retired by now”

Reflecting on the state of his career, John Daly says he’s past his prime, but still enjoys the game.


John Daly on his rage and destroying cars, buses and hotel rooms

John Daly admits he took bad rounds home, taking out his frustration by destroying his cars and hotel rooms.


John Daly in love but not ready for another marriage

John Daly accepts half the blame for his four failed marriages and says he’s not rushing to the altar this time.



John Daly on being a nympho and how sex helps his golf game

John Daly confesses to his constant need for sex, and that if he’s not getting any, he doesn’t play as well.


The John Daly Diet: Cigarettes, Candy and 15 Diet Cokes

John Daly addresses his fluctuating weight, 3 pack-a-day habit, and his sugar diet during the British Open.


John Daly: Played his best golf when he was drunk

John Daly talks about partying all night before tournaments and binge drinking 40 beers and a fifth of whiskey a day.


John Daly: There’s no right way to get sober

John Daly talks about what didn’t work for him in the past, and explains his motivation for staying sober today.


John Daly on the day his dad put a gun to his head

John Daly recalls childhood with an abusive father, and the love he’s missed since his mother’s death.



John Daly: The PGA messed up, and they should pay for it

John Daly addresses his lawsuit with the PGA, which he claims owes him for a an injury in 2007 that is still affecting his game.


John Daly: University of Arkansas trashed my PGA and British Open trophies

John Daly explains why he loaned the University his trophies and the horrible condition in which he found them.


John Daly on Tiger’s Sex Scandal: Maybe Tiger wasn’t getting any

John Daly gives his interesting take on the Tiger scandal and sizes up other big names on the tour.


John Daly gives Graham Bensinger a tour of Arkansas home, motor home and golf course

John Daly shows his extensive collection of sports memorabilia, the motor home he travels in and the golf course he owns in Arkansas.