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Chad Johnson

Graham interviews former star Cincinnati Bengals receiver, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. The six-time Pro Bowler discusses growing up in Miami as an outcast from his drug-dealing friends, his release from the league after domestic violence charges and remorse for departing the Bengals. Chad shows Graham around Miami, including his childhood home, the facility where he plays indoor soccer daily and even takes a Twitter follower to task in an impromptu FIFA 16 video game.

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Chad Johnson: I slept at the stadium for 2 years

Chad Johnson shares stories of his dedication to the game and why he told defenders his route before the snap

Chad Johnson: Tears of joy on draft day

Chad Johnson recounts a frustrating NFL combine, tears of joy on draft day and awe before his first home game

Chad Johnson: I am already in the Hall of Fame

Chad Johnson is not waiting for an official HOF induction, plus the greatest TD celebration that never was

Chad Johnson interview: I wish I stayed a Bengal

Chad Johnson wishes he would have stayed in Cincinnati and says there was no drama within the organization

Chad Johnson: Drug-selling friends pushed me away

Chad Johnson remembers life in Miami and why his friends in the drug trade pushed him away

Chad Johnson: I hadn't seen my dad for 20 years

Chad Johnson talks about the short relationship he had with his dad, who went to prison for selling drugs

Chad Johnson on raising six kids with several moms

Chad Johnson talks about the perks of fathering six kids, including training on the track with his daughter

Chad Johnson on domestic violence arrest and jail

Chad Johnson wants says his lessons learned could help the NFL and calls the punishment for his charges karma

Chad Johnson: I love Roger Goodell

Chad Johnson says Goodell took over the NFL at a tough time and remembers their close relationship

Chad Johnson: Of course I played concussed

Chad Johnson talks about his hardest hits and said he kept quiet about his concussions to continue playing

Chad Johnson: I’ve been broke since 1978

Chad Johnson says he’s lived the same lifestyle in and out of the NFL and never spent frivolously

Chad Johnson: I have to be careful on Twitter

Chad Johnson talks about his love of Twitter, and how he’s more careful now that his kids are grown up

Chad Johnson: No closure with NFL career

Chad Johnson says that despite all his accomplishments in the league, he’ll never have a sense of closure

Chad Johnson: Nearly undefeated at FIFA

Chad Johnson now has a record of 31-3 when challenging Twitter fans and stopping by their homes to play FIFA

Chad Johnson on playing soccer over football

Chad Johnson now chooses soccer / futbol over American football and plays indoor soccer daily in Miami

Chad Johnson loves you, fast food employees

Chad Johnson on his daily routine of eating fast food and his undying love for those who prepare it