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Legendary Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson invites Graham Bensinger to Canton, Ohio, for his 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement. While alongside Johnson – aka Megatron – for the celebration, we catch up with fellow Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, QB Matthew Stafford and Johnson’s immediate family. Later, we rejoin the first-ballot Hall of Famer at his home in Detroit, where he and his wife Brittney discuss their rift with the Lions’ ownership, a budding cannabis business and family life raising three boys.




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Graham Bensinger
Graham Bensinger8 hours ago
Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Calvin Johnson, Jr. explains the two main reasons he rejected a lucrative offer from the Los Angeles Dodgers to pursue an MLB career and why he both earned and overcame the nickname of “Butterfingers” in high school.
Graham Bensinger
Graham Bensinger
Graham Bensinger9 hours ago
Each week, we’re bringing you a motivational clip from one of our guests. This time, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath discusses the combination of fear, support and religious beliefs that help him overcome addiction. Download Forward Progress wherever you get your podcasts.
Graham Bensinger
Graham Bensinger
Graham Bensinger is in Los Angeles, California.10 hours ago
Los Angeles, California
It’s Ozzy Osbourne! Buzzing to be sitting down with the Prince of Darkness. We also sat down and talked with the lovely Sharon! Tune in this fall for another edition of #InDepth!
Graham Bensinger
Graham Bensinger3 days ago
The first time Ice Cube saw his wife Kim, he knew she could be his wife. The first time Kim saw Ice Cube? She turned him down. Hear the full story on our podcast, available everywhere.
Graham Bensinger
Graham Bensinger
Graham Bensinger is with Ice Cube and 2 others in Las Vegas, Nevada.4 days ago
Las Vegas, Nevada
‪Fun time with the team taping Ice Cube in Vegas. Watch our season 12 debut episode tonight on tv!
Graham Bensinger
Graham Bensinger4 days ago
He was once called ‘the world’s most celebrated angry Black man,’ but Ice Cube says when you understand the world, getting angry is not necessary.

It is all about figuring out what you’re going to do to combat the things that made you mad.
Graham Bensinger


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