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George Foreman

George Foreman on the anger that once drove him, his relationship with Muhammad Ali, finding Jesus, his massive car collection and his success today.

George Foreman: Never enough food to eat

George Foreman describes the challenges of growing up poor in Houston, including his constant hunger, mayonnaise sandwiches and tricking schoolmates with a greased paper bag.

George Foreman: Smuggling my kids back into the U.S.

George Foreman recalls his desperate attempt to smuggle two of his young children out of St. Lucia and back to the United States, how he met his future wife on the life-threatening journey and why he named all five of his sons George Edward Foreman.

George Foreman: I wanted to kill Muhammad Ali

George Foreman looks back at the anger that consumed him in his early boxing career, regret for his actions outside of the ring and why he wanted to kill a boxing contender to prove his legitimacy.

George Foreman: Everyone wants to see Mayweather lose

George Foreman says that just because Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he's the greatest doesn't make it true, but also praises his keen boxing talent and wants that both Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao may be overstaying their welcome in the boxing ring.

George Foreman: Was Rumble in the Jungle fixed?

George Foreman discusses his controversial loss to Muhammad Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle, how he's opted to drop the excuses and move on and why he regrets missing precious time with Ali due to their fight history.

George Foreman: God saved me

George Foreman describes the moment he was "born again," as God spoke to him after he lost a fight to Jimmy Young.

George Foreman: I returned to boxing to raise money

George Foreman explains why he needed to make money so badly when he made his comeback and why he came back with a different temperament.

George Foreman: Emptied my wallet to save youth center

George Foreman talks about the initial motivation to create a youth center in his community and emptying his savings account to keep it open.

George Foreman: Earned $5 million/month on grill

George Foreman discusses his second career as a pitchman and the impressive fortune he made forming a joint venture with the George Foreman Grill.

George Foreman: Almost mauled by my pet lion

George Foreman on the time when his pet lion attacked his brother and nearly killed the heavyweight champ, when he came to his brother's defense. Plus, Foreman shares his love for German shepherds and breeding them from his home.

George Foreman: My massive car collection at home

George Foreman on his extensive classic car collection, including Ferraris, Corvettes a Rolls-Royce and why despite 50+ exotic cars he favors a 1977 VW Beetle and typically drives a pickup truck.