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In Depth with Jerome Bettis


Graham sits down with Jerome Bettis in the Steelers’ locker room. The NFL legend recalls selling drugs in inner-city Detroit, the sport he loved long before football and his important interactions with Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz. Bettis also shares why he nearly retired the year before the Steelers won it all and his upcoming Hall of Fame induction. Plus, Graham talks neighborhood pick-up games with Jerome and his brother, John, and gets a cooking lesson at Jerome Bettis Grille 36 in downtown Pittsburgh.

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In Depth with Joe Namath


Graham sits down with NFL icon Joe Namath near his home in Jupiter, Florida. “Broadway Joe” discusses his encounters with showbiz royalty from Elvis to Sinatra, his playboy reputation and how he beat alcoholism. The two also discuss playing for Bear Bryant at the University of Alabama and the Super Bowl game that helped change the sport forever.

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In Depth with Cam Newton


Graham sits down with Cam Newton for the show's first-ever taping in front of a live audience, in Charlotte. The Panthers QB shares his experiences winning national championships with three different college teams, the game that changed his life and a rough transition into the NFL. Newton also reflects on accusations faced by his family and why he's decided to go back to Auburn to finish his degree. Plus, he and Graham surprise two local veterans and their families.

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