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Dan Bilzerian - professional poker player and "King of Instagram" - sits down with Graham at his Las Vegas home. Bilzerian details some of his most outrageous bets as well as how he rebounded after going completely broke. He tells Graham about the wild adventures fame has brought him, including surviving two heart attacks and his mission to conquer the marijuana industry. Plus, Dan brings Graham to a Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s training session at the boxer's gym and on an ATV ride through the desert.

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Eight-time Pro Bowl linebacker, Brian Urlacher, invites Graham to his home in the Chicago suburbs to reflect on career highlights, his lasting reputation and a contentious split after 13 years with the Chicago Bears. The future Pro Football Hall of Famer also opens up about losing his mom and shares his take on the NFL's concussion protocol.

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Graham sits down with legendary golfer, Greg Norman, who discusses losing with class, picking up golf out of boredom and going against his father's wishes by turning pro. Norman also shares how he built his business empire, the personal costs of success and golfing with his best friend, Bill Clinton, among a variety of other candid stories.

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