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Graham travels to the Philippines to sit down with boxer Manny Pacquiao in his hometown, General Santos. The 11-time world champ reflects on how a childhood in poverty impacts him today and why he think it's important to share his wealth. Pacquiao also shares stories from some of his most notable fights and discusses his future in politics.

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Graham spends the day with Emmy award-winning actor Jon Hamm in Los Angeles to discuss his late-blooming acting career and childhood trials coping with death. The Mad Men star looks back on his transition from varsity athlete to theater lead, a bout with depression, the end of his most iconic acting role and more. We also hear from a mentor and a close family friend as they share early indicators of his success. Plus, Graham and Jon cap off the day with a trip to the batting cages.

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Graham travels to North Carolina to the home of Dale Earnhardt Jr. for the NASCAR icon's first extensive interview about the numerous concussions that forced his early retirement. Dale Jr. candidly shares why he kept concussion symptoms a secret for so long and the intense rehab endured alongside his wife Amy to return to the track for a final season. Plus, Kelley Earnhardt Miller discusses her and Dale's upbringing with a father who prioritized his career over family and Mike Davis shows Graham around Dale Jr.'s sprawling, 200-acre property.

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