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On a special episode of In Depth, some of our favorite sports figures reflect on the impact their fathers had on their lives and their pursuit of sports. We hear from athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Jerry Rice, Caroline Wozniacki, Richard Petty, Tony Hawk and others as they open up about their desires to make their fathers proud, their experiences with tough love and more.

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It's wheels up with Formula 1 champ and Mercedes AMG Petronas non-executive chairman, Niki Lauda, who flies Graham and his team from Austria to Belgium aboard his private jet and talks with Graham about his racing career that was the basis for the feature film, "Rush." The F1 icon looks back on a lifetime of racing and business successes, including rejecting his family fortunes to get into the sport, the fiery crash at Nurburgring and life on the circuit today with Mercedes F1, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Lauda and Graham also meet up with Mercedes' executive director, Toto Wolff at the Belgian Grand Prix.

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Graham goes one-on-one with Kentucky Wildcats basketball coach, John Calipari. Coach Calipari shares stories from his successes in the NCAA, reveals his recruiting strategies and responds to criticism about molding NBA players. The Hall of Fame coach also opens up about his career goals, his biggest superstitions and takes Graham out to breakfast as part of a UK coach tradition.

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