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Graham spends the day in Texas at the home of George Foreman, who discusses his drastically different mentality and spirituality when winning two world heavyweight championship titles. Foreman also reflects on his humble upbringing, his incredible success promoting electric grills and a tour of his 50+ car collection.

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On a special episode of In Depth, some of our favorite sports figures reflect on the impact their fathers had on their lives and their pursuit of sports. We hear from athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Jerry Rice, Caroline Wozniacki, Richard Petty, Tony Hawk and others as they open up about their desires to make their fathers proud, their experiences with tough love and more.

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This week, Graham travels to New York to sit down with Super Bowl champ turned Emmy-winning TV star, Michael Strahan. The seven-time Pro Bowler reflects on his move from daytime TV to morning news, predicts his eventual retirement and reflects on 15 years with the Giants. Strahan also discusses his childhood in Germany and a deep conversation with his father that changed everything. Plus, Pro Bowler Jessie Armstead offers his perspective as a longtime teammate and describes Strahan's drastically different temperament on the football field.

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