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Richard Branson invites Graham to the Bahamas as Sir Richard hosts his annual Necker Cup Tennis Pro-Am. The three-day episode taping includes an In Depth interview with the British billionaire and humanitarian, plus kitesurfing and commentary from Martina Navratilova and other Pro-Am competitors. Branson shares some of his most impactful stories, including death-defying hot air balloon expeditions, excessive Formula 1 celebrations and overcoming hardships as he ventured into new industries, including commercial space travel.

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John McEnroe invites Graham to both his tennis academy and art gallery in New York City to discuss those passions and reflect on his reputations as both a tennis superstar and a short-tempered bad boy in the sport. McEnroe shares stories of his rise to stardom, his love-hate relationship with anger and coping with the 2017 deaths of both parents. Plus, the tennis star turned TV personality talks of his fondest memories as a commentator and what life might be like once the celebrity spotlight fades.

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This week on In Depth, sports figures open up about their dealings with money, including incredible gains, life-changing losses and lessons learned along the way. Some of the biggest names in sports – including Wayne Gretzky, Emmitt Smith, Lewis Hamilton, Billie Jean King and Kevin Harvick – share stories ranging from early introductions to budgets to the mindset after signing that first big contact.

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