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Graham sits down with the mastermind behind "West Coast Choppers," Jesse James in his shop in Austin, Texas. James opens up about his troubled youth that included fights, stealing and jail time and how it cost him his promising football career. James also discusses the backlash from his highly-publicized divorce from Sandra Bullock, a possible "Monster Garage" comeback and his new business, manufacturing custom firearms.

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Graham presents some of the funniest stories in the history of In Depth, featuring Charles Barkley, Brett Favre, Rob Dyrdek, Pete Rose and more. Plus, hilarious moments not seen on TV.

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Graham goes In Depth with comedian and stunt performer Stephen "Steve-O" Glover as they spend two days in and around Hollywood. Steve-O details the progressive intensity of his jaw-dropping stunts that led to worldwide fame - including his roles in "Jackass" and "Wildboyz" - and a first-hand look at his more recent adventures as a stand-up comedian. He candidly reflects on the addictions that ran rampant through his family tree and overcoming his own battles with drug and alcohol addictions, plus shares aspirations to build an animal sanctuary and settle down with his fiancee Lux.

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