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Graham sits down with Hall of Fame running back, Jim Brown, in the NFL legend’s home. Brown, an eight-time rushing leader and three-time MVP, was equally as fierce as an activist for equal rights. He opens up about memorable moments from his playing career, quitting the NFL to pursue acting and his role advocating for social change. Brown also talks about the goals of his foundation and shares stories of the Hollywood lifestyle, including frequenting the Playboy Mansion (taped in 2010).

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How Jim Brown is positively influencing Bloods and Crypts

Jim Brown's created his foundation, Amer-I-Can, to help develop skills and change lives; Taped Dec. 2010

Jim Brown: More racism now than any time in history

Jim Brown talks about being victimized by racism during his life and how it shaped his views; taped in 2010

Jim Brown: Why I disagreed with Martin Luther King Jr.

Jim Brown disagreed with MLK's "passive resistance;" says a movement should be proactive; taped in 2010

Jim Brown: 99% of people don’t know about my true activism

Meetings with political activists, relation to Nation of Islam got Jim Brown on FBI watch list; taped in 2010

Jim Brown on support, friendship from Bill Belichick

Jim Brown on his appreciation of Bill Belichick's support of the Amer-I-Can foundation; taped in 2010

Jim Brown on the NCAA: Laughable, hypocritical, unreal

Jim Brown rips the NCAA, calling it "a mess" and says it's set up to make people cheat; taped in 2010

Jim Brown: People making NFL rules aren’t qualified

Jim Brown says NFL should ask current and former players to help create new physicality rules; taped in 2010

Jim Brown: "I can beat you in the 40 and I got an attitude"

Jim Brown discusses how he intimidated opponents and why he always got up slow from the pile; taped in 2010

Jim Brown: Great players set a standard of their own

Despite a Hall of Fame career of many amazing plays, Jim Brown still reflects on mistakes; taped in 2010

Jim Brown on shooting Hollywood's 1st interracial love scene

Jim Brown discusses the challenges of acting and his love scene with Raquel Welch; taped in 2010

The fight that never was: Jim Brown vs. Muhammad Ali

Jim Brown on turning down a bout with Muhammad Ali and Ali’s role as “The People’s Champ;” taped in 2010

Jim Brown: I was always at the Playboy mansion

Jim Brown on friendships with Hugh Hefner, Frank Sinatra and Jack Nicholson; taped in 2010

Jim Brown on his reputation: Let's talk about the facts

Jim Brown says he shouldn't be asked to comment on criminal charges that didn't stick; taped in 2010