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Graham sits down with Cam Newton in front of a live audience in Charlotte. This season's most dominant QB and MVP contender shares his experiences winning national championships with three different college teams, the game that changed his life and a rough transition into the NFL. Newton also reflects on accusations faced by his family and shows Graham firsthand how a play is called at the line of scrimmage.

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Cam Newton on his maturation as a NFL QB

Cam Newton discusses the lessons learned since entering the league

Cam Newton’s stories of his early football obsession

Cam Newton ate, slept and breathed football as a kid, from taking laxatives to sleeping with cleats on

Why Cam Newton constantly reminds himself of a car crash

Cam Newton opens up about his car crash and the daily reminders he gets by wearing the hospital band

Charismatic Cam Newton offers a look inside a Panthers’ huddle

Cam Newton acts out calling a play and insight into calling audibles at the line

Cam Newton: Fans outside of my classes, I’m like, ‘Why?’

Cam Newton on the explosion of attention and pressure that followed a breakout performance in 2010 at Auburn

Cam Newton traded Division I comforts for crickets

Cam Newton on going from the University of Florida to a cricket-infested locker room at a junior college

Cam Newton's prep for one of the greatest comebacks ever

Cam Newton describes the volatile atmosphere at the 2010 Iron Bowl and the Auburn vs. Alabama rivalry

Cam Newton on scandal: Dad took the brunt of the blow

Cam Newton opens up about allegations that surrounded his father during Cam's championship season at Auburn

How Cam Newton’s yoga helped fantasy football managers

Cam Newton describes his new approach to reducing injury risks

Cam Newton surprises local veterans and their families

Cam Newton surprises some local veterans and hosts his own mini-camp for their families