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Graham spends the day in New York City with five time NBA All-Star Kevin Love. The Cleveland Cavalier opens up about his mental health challenges, including contemplating suicide. Love also tours the city with Graham, bouncing from the court, to the gym, to a walk along the Hudson River, and hosts a wine-tasting with his Sports Illustrated model girlfriend Kate Bock. Plus, Love talks about the Kevin Love Fund, and how he hopes it will touch a billion people.

kevin love


Kevin Love: My childhood meeting with Shaq

Kevin Love wanted to play football as a kid, but weight and height restrictions kept him from being quarterback, which helped cement his career in basketball. But Love was also a successful baseball player, pitching several no-hitters, and even a perfect game. Love tells us why he retired from baseball, and chose basketball as his career. Plus, Love discusses growing up in Oregon, and the important lesson he learned from Shaq as a young fan.

Kevin Love on his dad: Lakers player, traveled with Beach Boys

NBA All-Star Kevin Love’s father, Stan Love, retired from the NBA in 1975. Stan’s distinctive style is reminiscent of Will Ferrell’s character Jackie Moon in the 2008 film Semi-Pro. Kevin Love reflects on the impact his father had on him, in both success and failure, and how he began to part from his dad’s vision of his career.

Kevin Love: A lot of greed in college recruitment

Five-time All Star and NBA Champion Kevin Love talks about his “wild” college recruitment process. The Cleveland Cavaliers center says that while he and roommate Russell Westbrook had one goal in mind, to get to the NBA, there was greed all around them. Love feels that recruitment puts young athletes in a tough position as they try to make decisions for their future. Plus, he describes the UCLA vs. Oregon game that had him concerned for his grandmother’s safety.

Kevin Love: My uncle is a Beach Boy

NBA All-Star Kevin Love’s father is retired-NBA player Stan Love, and his uncle is co-founder of the Beach Boys, Mike Love. Kevin describes Christmases spent with the band, which also included Stan and Mike’s cousins, Carl, Dennis, and Brian Wilson. Following his retirement from the NBA Stan Love was hired to move in with Brian Wilson, to help protect him from those who might not have his best interest at heart. Kevin details the lessons he learned from the careers of his Dad, Mike, and the Wilsons.

Kevin Love: Challenges playing with LeBron

More than winning, what sticks out to Kevin Love about his NBA Championship is the parade that followed, the support of the city of Cleveland, and the state of Ohio. The five time NBA All-Star describes playing with his former teammate LeBron James, and how working with “the King” caused him to evolve. Plus, Love talks about past contract negotiations, and what the future may hold for his career.

Kevin Love: Scariest part of mental health is being vulnerable

Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Love has been a vocal advocate for mental health. The Kevin Love Fund came from Love’s desire to help people on a universal scale. Love recalls the thousands of emails he received leading up to the fund’s announcement, and his proudest achievements. The fund’s education initiative helps to destigmatize mental health, focus on early intervention, and advocate for research, ultimately hoping to reach a billion people over the next five years. Plus, Love discusses the impact of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott admitting he struggles with anxiety and depression during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kevin Love: I still think about suicide

Kevin Love reached a low point in his mental health in 2012, while playing for the Timberwolves. Multiple injuries kept him from the court, and he retreated inside, while his anxiety and depression grew without the outlet of basketball. Love admits that he began planning his suicide. In fact, he still thinks about committing suicide. He often feels like a fraud, as though he isn’t successful enough. Love talks about how he moved forward, and how he continues to work on his mental health now. Plus, Love on the impact of the HBO documentary Come Inside My Mind, about the late actor Robin Williams and his suicide.

Kevin Love’s panic attack: I was afraid for my life

In November 2017, Kevin Love suffered a very public panic attack during a game. During a huddle, Love tried to catch his breath, but he couldn’t and his heart was racing. Love was sure he was having a cardiac event, and went to the Cleveland Clinic. It was then he admitted that he needed help. Love details what had kept him from getting help in the past, including gender stereotypes and stigma surrounding mental health. Plus, Love opens up on how therapy helped him become unapologetically himself, and how his grandmother’s sudden death impacted him.

Kevin Love: I saved most of my paycheck

Five time NBA All-Star Kevin Love talks about the creative ways he would save early in his career, including putting away 70 or 80 percent of his paycheck.

Rapid fire with Kevin Love

Sports Illustrated or GQ? NBA title or Gold Medal? Forty-two or zero? Kevin Love decides!

Kevin Love and Kate Bock: Love at first sight?

NBA All-Star Kevin Love and his girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Kate Bock, developed a passion for wine during a trip to Napa. Bock says many basketball players are interested in wine, including LeBron James, and players would bring bottles to share during road games. Bock and Love talk about their first date, and their shared interests. Plus, the couple laugh about the surprise way Bock found out she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Kevin Love: Walking NY streets during COVID

Walking along the Hudson River with his dog, Vestry, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love describes what it has been like to live in New York during quarantine.

Training with Kevin Love

NBA Champion Kevin Love shares some of his childhood training drills with show host Graham Bensinger. Love talks about his off-season performance goals, and how his diet changed his game. Plus, Love and Graham hit the weight room for stretching before working out.