Arnold Schwarzenegger – the bodybuilding legend, Hollywood superstar and former Governor of California – invites Graham to Hong Kong for a revealing conversation around his remarkable success story and an exclusive look at the first Arnold Classic in Asia. Over the course of two days, Schwarzenegger shares stories including the tribulations of his critical father, making the jump from bodybuilding to Hollywood and President Nixon’s premature endorsement for Arnold as governor, among other topics.


Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger: My army tank mistake

Arnold Schwarzenegger looks back on the root of his passion for tanks and shares a story of accidentally reversing one through a garage wall

Arnold Schwarzenegger: I had to get out of Austria

Arnold Schwarzenegger on how he never really felt at home in Austria, the real reason he started bodybuilding and how he predicted the permanence of his first trip to America

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Real estate mogul?

Arnold Schwarzenegger details his approach to earning his first million dollars, which came via a commitment to saving money and investing in real estate

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Fueled by father’s negativity

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about growing up without running water, how pressing parents motivated him to leave home and fueled Arnold to seize opportunities

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Lucille Ball saved me

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares a story of Lucille Ball recruiting him for one of his first TV appearances and how she improvised to save him on live television

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Stealing Terminator from O. J. Simpson

Arnold Schwarzenegger on his original casting for “The Terminator” and unintentionally convincing James Cameron to cast him instead of OJ Simpson

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Best decision I ever made

Arnold Schwarzenegger recounts when he bet on himself and starred in the comedy “Twins” without taking a salary, to shed his typecast as an action star

Arnold Schwarzenegger: My life-threatening heart surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger on his family history of heart problems, a serious scare from a failed heart surgery and when his chances of dying doubled

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Partying with President Bush

Arnold Schwarzenegger on befriending President George H. W. Bush, partying with the President at Camp David and his role as chairman of the President’s council on physical

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Nixon said to run for governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger traces his Republican roots to Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign and recounts when the former President first planted the seed that Arnold should run for Governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Karl Rove’s bad advice

Arnold Schwarzenegger recalls asking White House Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, for his take on the California governorship and when President Bush checked in to ensure there were no grudges after Rove believed Condoleezza Rice was next in line.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Maria Shriver didn’t want me to run

Arnold Schwarzenegger on conversations with Maria Shriver before and after he announced running for Governor of California, and why it was so important for him to run

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Governor was role of lifetime

Arnold Schwarzenegger reflects on the highs and lows of his tenure as Governor of California, and how it was impossible to prepare for the role

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Final continent for sports expo

Graham Bensinger walked with Arnold Schwarzenegger around his first ever sports festival in Asia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: His bodybuilding legacy

Bodybuilding stars share their thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s tremendous impact on elevating their sport to new heights

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Building a bodybuilding empire

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his business partner, Jim Lorimer, discuss their entrepreneurial approach to creating the Arnold Classic and bringing it to all six continents

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Taking Donald Trump’s job

Arnold Schwarzenegger on beating out 5-6 big name celebrities for the Celebrity Apprentice gig, informing Donald Trump of the news and his unique approach to hosting the show

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Flexing in the mirror

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the intense time and effort it takes to perfect the art of bodybuilding, including meticulous self-critiques and pose trainers