Charles Barkley

Graham Bensinger sits down with the the iconic NBA forward, Charles Barkley, who shares stories of a life-changing run-in with the law as a child, accepting cash from agents while in college and his thoughts on those NCAA regulations today. “Sir Charles” also reflects on highlights from a legendary career, including the ‘92 “Dream Team,” his relationship with Michael Jordan and how the issue behind his infamous “Role Model” commercial is still prevalent today.

Charles Barkley


Charles Barkley: Running from cops scared me straight

Charles Barkley on the run-in with the cops that caused him to stop stealing and get his life together.

Charles Barkley: I got money under the table in college

Charles Barkley on cash he got from agents in college and how much corruption exists today.

Charles Barkley: Why I can say whatever I want

Charles Barkley on how he is surprising calculated in his decisions to speak out.

Charles Barkley: Spitting on little girl changed my life

Charles Barkley on why his spitting incident changed the anger that fueled his early career.

Charles Barkley: My father was never around

Charles Barkley on his absent father and why it was hard to welcome him back into his life.

Charles Barkley: Michael Jordan does not like me anymore

Charles Barkley explains why his relationship with Michael Jordan is strained.

Charles Barkley on Dream Team: We changed the world

Charles Barkley on the 1992 Olympics and how the Dream Team forever changed basketball.

Charles Barkley: I got really fat so 76ers would not draft me

Charles Barkley discusses his weight, his love of pizza, and trying to eat his way out of the NBA draft.

Charles Barkley on gambling: Lost $1 million 10-20 times

Charles Barkley on his gambling getting out of control and why his friends called him an idiot.

Charles Barkley: Our black youth are brainwashed

Charles Barkley on why his Nike role model commercial means so much to him.

Charles Barkley: Donating millions privately

Charles Barkley on why he donates millions and also keeps the donations private.

Charles Barkley on interviewing Obama, unfriending Tiger

Charles Barkley tells why President Obama calls him and the initiative they’re working on together.

Charles Barkley: Stop sending NBA stars to Olympics

Charles Barkley responds to Paul George’s injury by recommending young basketball stars instead play in the Olympics.

Charles Barkley: LeBron is better than Kobe

Charles Barkley explains why LeBron James is now better than Kobe Bryant

Charles Barkley: I see racism everywhere

Charles Barkley talks racism today and welfare issues, plus calls Muhammad Ali his greatest influencer