In a special episode remembering the life and legacy of Arnold Palmer, we look back on Graham’s 2015 interview with the late PGA Hall of Famer. “Remembering Arnold Palmer” features the golf legend reflecting on the lasting influence of his father, sharing friendships and secrets with past Presidents and lasting memories from his most significant achievements. The episode also includes commentary from those who knew Palmer best, including Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, who offer their perspective on why “The King” will forever be one of golf’s most beloved ambassadors.

Remembering Arnold Palmer


Arnold Palmer on fatherly figure, President Eisenhower

Arnold Palmer on details of his close relationship with President Eisenhower, including a surprise visit

A blown sponsor deal with Wilson left Arnold Palmer with nothing

Arnold Palmer thought he had a deal with Wilson Sporting Goods but walked out of the meeting with nothing

Arnold Palmer on earning the 1st compliment from his dad

Arnold Palmer calls winning an amatuer championship and a turning point capped off by his father’s words

Arnold Palmer: My dad lived and died a tough guy

Arnold Palmer recalls his “tough” father and the sacrifices he made to provide for his family

Arnold Palmer: Rory McIlroy will set the standard

Arnold Palmer discusses his admiration for Rory McIlroy and why he will continue to be a great player

Arnold Palmer keeps his drink recipe secret

Arnold Palmer discusses his famous drink and takes Graham Bensinger into his office, putter room and aviation room

The warehouse of Arnold Palmer’s cherished items

Arnold Palmer’s long-time personal assistant, Doc Giffin, showcases Arnold’s warehouse full of historic memorabilia in Latrobe, PA.

Arnold Palmer jokingly turns down Shaq’s beverage swap

Shaquille O’Neal joking asks Arnold Palmer to trade 10,000 cases of Soda Shaq for Arnold Palmer drinks

Nicklaus and Player: Why Arnold Palmer was “The King”

Jack Nicklaus shares how Arnold Palmer went above and beyond to welcome him to the PGA Tour and Gary Player looks back on Arnold Palmer’s patience and his role as an outstanding ambassador for the sport