Larry Brown

Graham Bensinger sits down with basketball legend, Larry Brown, on the campus of his latest coaching stop, Southern Methodist University.  The only coach to win NBA and NCAA championship titles, Brown looks back at his illustrious career. He addresses his reputation for changing jobs too often and discusses his turbulent relationships with NBA superstars Allen Iverson and Isiah Thomas. Brown also recalls being fired for the first time in his life by Michael Jordan, his short-retirement that followed and what led him to make a comeback at SMU.

Larry Brown


Larry Brown: Players who chase rings lack confidence

Larry Brown says he’s miffed about today’s great players teaming up to form championship teams and discusses what makes a great coach.

Larry Brown: Fired by Michael Jordan on Christmas

Larry Brown discusses being fired as head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats by Michael Jordan on Christmas, the perception that he was “over the hill” and how tough it was to go two years without a coaching position.

Larry Brown: The coaches that saved my life

Larry Brown explains why he visited different collegiate teams and what he learned by observing other coaches.

Larry Brown: Losing my dad at just 6 years old

Larry Brown discusses the loss of his father at age 6 and says it’s harder the older he gets

Larry Brown: Coaching with and against my brother

Larry Brown recalls his days coaching with and against his brother, Herb Brown, and why he hates coaching against friends and family.

Larry Brown’s career highlight: Assisting Dean Smith

Larry Brown reflects on playing and coaching in the Olympics and why his first season as assistant coach under Dean Smith at North Carolina was his favorite coaching season.

Larry Brown: Michael Jordan didn’t want Allen Iverson in Charlotte

Larry Brown describes his tumultuous relationship with Allen Iverson – including A.I.’s excuses for missing 76ers practice and inability to take criticism – and why Coach Brown is thankful for everything now.

Larry Brown: Isiah Thomas didn’t let me do my job

Larry Brown explains how his relationship with Isiah Thomas forced him to leave the New York Knicks after one season and why he knows Coach Brown could’ve turned the team around if they would’ve bought in on his approach.

Larry Brown: I put everything into each coaching job

Larry Brown defends his career moves to change coaching positions and offers advice to his younger self.

Larry Brown: The power of the left testicle 

Larry Brown shares a stories as he shows off sports mementos, including why he would squeeze his left testicle during games.