John Calipari

Graham goes one-on-one with Kentucky Wildcats basketball coach, John Calipari. Coach Calipari shares stories from his successes in the NCAA, his recruiting strategies and responds to criticism about molding NBA players. The Hall of Fame coach also opens up about his career goals, his biggest superstitions and joins Graham for breakfast at a Lexington institution.

John Calipari


John Calipari on lessons from blue collar parents

John Calipari on how financial decisions by his parents while he was growing up still influence him now

John Calipari: I chose ESPN over apartment furniture

Living on a limited budget as a college player and young coach, John Calipari details creative ways he earned money

John Calipari: I was brash and arrogant

John Calipari discusses the importance of his early coaching days and offers up advice to young coaches

John Calipari: You have to earn the right to play

John Calipari on how he balances star-studded teams and his duty to help each player fulfill his potential

John Calipari: I will steal your good idea

John Calipari offers a look inside his office culture, including staffing and delegating responsibilities

John Calipari: Raisins in oatmeal, you lose every time

Notoriously superstitious, John Calipari talks about a sign that brings him luck and the omens he avoids

John Calipari: I recruit with results, not promises

John Calipari says statistics and success – not his tactics – attract the top players to Kentucky every year

John Calipari: Players should have to stay 2 years

While he wishes players would stay in school longer, John Calipari says he won’t hold them back from the NBA

John Calipari on his critics: I sleep like a baby

John Calipari compares coaching to politics – says there will always be haters who question his success

John Calipari: Why I didn’t celebrate championship

John Calipari says helping players and families gives him more pride than winning the NCAA Championship

John Calipari: Will I return to NBA?

John Calipari on lessons learned while coaching the New Jersey Nets and if he’ll stay in college basketball

John Calipari: Pharmacy breakfast tradition

John Calipari and Graham chat with some regulars at Wheeler Pharmacy, a favorite spot of Kentucky coaches