John Daly

Graham sits down with John Daly at his home in rural Arkansas. The popular, outspoken golf pro shares stories from more than two decades on the PGA Tour, including career wins, recent struggles with his game and personal battles with addiction off the course. Daly offers a tour his extensive memorabilia collection and his decked out Arkansas Razorbacks-themed RV, plus blasts monstrous drives from a tee box on his golf course.

John Daly


John Daly on one of golf’s greatest underdog stories

John Daly discusses barely making the ’91 PGA Championship and why the British Open helped define his career.

John Daly: President Clinton doesn’t play fair

John Daly jokes about golfing with the former President and his excessive habit of taking mulligans.

John Daly: I lost $55 million gambling

John Daly admits to his gambling addiction, with losses over $50 million and two days straight at the slots.

John Daly: Practicing hurts my golf game

John Daly reflects on how an increase in practice time has not yielded positive results and looks back on his previous approach.

John Daly: I’ve beat up my house, but never my wife

John Daly on anger-fueled destruction after bad rounds, taking out frustration by damaging his bus, home and hotel rooms.

John Daly: Sex helps my golf game

John Daly on his need for frequent sex and the benefits beyond the bedroom

John Daly on diet: Cigarettes, candy, 15 sodas

John Daly addresses his fluctuating weight, the extremity of his smoking habit and “unhealthy” eating.

John Daly: I played my best golf drunk

John Daly on partying all night before tournaments, binge drinking and the effects it had on his golf game

John Daly on staying sober

John Daly talks about what didn’t work for him in the past and explains his motivation for staying sober.

John Daly: Dad put a gun to my eye, nearly killed me

John Daly recalls childhood with an abusive father and the love he’s missed since his mother’s death.

John Daly: Arkansas trashed my major trophies

John Daly explains why he loaned his alma mater his trophies and the horrible condition in which he found them.

John Daly on Tiger Woods’ Scandal

John Daly gives his interesting take on Tiger’s scandal and sizes up other big names on the tour.

John Daly: A tour of my home and RV

John Daly shows collections of memorabilia, his RV and the golf course he owns in Arkansas.