John Paul DeJoria

Graham spends the day in Austin with billionaire businessman and dedicated philanthropist, John Paul DeJoria. The co-founder of both Paul Mitchell hair products (John Paul Mitchell Systems) and The Patron Spirits Company, DeJoria opens up about his rise from homelessness to Hells Angels to massive wealth, complete with sponsorship of multiple sports teams and a portfolio of charitable endeavors. He shows Graham around his home, his collection of cars and motorcycles, then to an affordable housing community designed to help the homeless rejoin society. John Paul’s wife Eloise and daughter Alexis – the recently retired NHRA drag racing star- drop in to share stories of finding love and fast cars, respectively.

John Paul DeJoria


John Paul DeJoria: Hells Angels helped raise my son

John Paul DeJoria discusses his love for motorcycles, including his personal favorites, a custom bike courtesy of his son-in-law Jesse James and the difference between riding with Hells Angels in the 60s and today.

John Paul DeJoria: Sponsoring Mexican Olympic bobsled

John Paul DeJoria shares his experiences sponsoring and coaching a Mexican bobsled team all the way to the 2002 Winter Olympics, plus competing in high school gymnastics and the successes of Team Paul Mitchell Karate.

John Paul DeJoria: I was homeless and sleeping in car

Billionaire John Paul DeJoria reflects on a shocking turn of events that left him and his 2-year-old son suddenly homeless and living in car, plus DeJoria admits pride made the situation worse as he wouldn’t admit his situation to friends or family.

John Paul DeJoria: Billion dollar business strategies

John Paul DeJoria – founder of both the Patron Tequila and Paul Mitchell hair care products – shares his business strategies that have helped to propel both brands to the top of their respective industries, including management, delegation, creating culture, hiring techniques and employee retention.

John Paul DeJoria: Starting Paul Mitchell out of my car

John Paul DeJoria looks back on his first interactions with the hairdresser, Paul Mitchell, and how he convinced Mitchell to go into business together. DeJoria explains why their financial backer backed out of company and the two men struggled to pay bills.

John Paul DeJoria: I won’t sell out, even from the grave

Paul Mitchell co-founder John Paul DeJoria shares stories of faux success during the early days of the hair care brand and why he won’t sell out to mass retail, despite the certainty that he would make more money.

John Paul DeJoria: My sales pitch

Paul Mitchell co-founder John Paul DeJoria walks Graham through his early approach to selling hair care products into salons.

John Paul DeJoria: Fired for making too much money

John Paul DeJoria looks back at his jobs during childhood and his early professional career, included one in which he was fired for making too much money.

John Paul DeJoria: Clint Eastwood and Patron

John Paul DeJoria – co-founder of The Patron Spirits Company – shares the success story of his search for a high-end tequila and breaking through barriers to grow sales of Patron to more than 3 million cases per year.

John Paul DeJoria: Finding true love in 4th marriage

John Paul DeJoria looks back on past marriages and opens up about getting it right the fourth time around, when he matured and married his wife Eloise in 1993. DeJoria discusses showering Eloise with 1,300 roses during his proposal and their rock star / celebrity-filled wedding. He also says he regrets not spending more time with his children as he was nurturing multiple businesses.

John Paul DeJoria on childhood in knife-wielding gang

John Paul DeJoria on his humble childhood, including why his single mom put him and his brother in a foster home during the week so she could work and what life was like as a young boy in a street gang in L.A.

John Paul DeJoria: My deadbeat dad

John Paul DeJoria details the three times he met his father – once at 12, once at 20 and once shortly before his dad’s death.

John Paul DeJoria: I’ll never get over brother’s death

John Paul DeJoria on the influence of his older brother Robert, who died in a motorcycle accident at age 29.

John Paul DeJoria: I want off Forbes’ billionaire list

John Paul DeJoria shares why he doesn’t want what comes with being listed by Forbes as one of the world’s billionaires and also discusses some of his favorite homes – including his Balinese-style mansion in Hawaii – and his three personal jets. Later, DeJoria shares how he taught his kids to respect money and remain grounded, including their relatively miniscule weekly allowances growing up.

John Paul DeJoria: Fighting Obama with Pierce Brosnan

John Paul DeJoria on his approach to philanthropy, plus the highs and lows of several of his charitable initiatives, including when he stopped hearing from the Obama administration after an initial commitment to help Grow Appalachia.

John Paul DeJoria: Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Dinner

John Paul DeJoria shares how he was initially invited to join The Giving Pledge by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and his approach now as a member to donate half of his wealth towards making the planet a better place and the obligation to make lives better.

John Paul DeJoria on secretly visiting North Korea

John Paul DeJoria opens up about his invite to North Korea from Kim Jong Il – who was looking for outsider support on how to further industrialize the country. DeJoria looks back on what he saw during the trip and how he navigated political hurdles to donate vegetable seeds to North Korea.

John Paul DeJoria’s wife

John Paul DeJoria’s wife Eloise shares the story of getting set up on a blind date with JP (John Paul) and how he romanced her throughout their courtship, even pulling out a list of the type of person he’s looking for in a partner during their first date.

Alexis and John Paul DeJoria on racing, Jesse James

John Paul DeJoria and his daughter Alexis shares stories of Alexis’ inspiration to race, her love for cars, meeting and marrying Jesse James and what’s she most learned from her billionaire father, John Paul.

John Paul DeJoria: I punched and kicked attacker

John Paul DeJoria describes his closest call in terms of a security threat – when he was being followed by a man in Las Vegas who eventually grabbed DeJoria around the neck. DeJoria also shares stories of his time with Nelson Mandela and acquiring his personal, luxurious train.

John Paul DeJoria: Tour of my home and car collection

John Paul DeJoria offers a tour of his Austin home and six acres of property, plus a look at his favorite motorcycles and cars, including his wife’s Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari California. Later, Graham rides along in the sidecar of DeJoria’s BMW motorcycle.

John Paul DeJoria: Helping the homeless

John Paul DeJoria takes Graham to Mobile Loaves & Fishes Community First Village in Austin, where they meet up with Alan Graham, president of Mobile Loaves & Fishes. The three tour the affordable housing community designed to help those who are homeless rejoin society. Plus, DeJoria – who was once homeless himself – closes the tour with a surprise donation of $60,000.

Canelo Alvarez: Mayweather has no chance if in our primes

World boxing champ Saúl “Canelo” Alvarez and his trainer Chepo Reynoso reflect on Canelo’s only loss in his pro boxing career: a 2013 bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Canelo talks of the silver lining that came with the loss and how he’s certain he’d knock Mayweather out if they fought each other in their primes. Reynoso remembers their sadness after the fight and feeling like they had failed their country. Later, Canelo dismisses any legitimacy of YouTube celebrity Logan Paul in a boxing ring and shows his respect for Mike Tyson’s return to boxing.

EN ESPAÑOL: Campeón mundial de boxeo Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez y su entrenador Chepo Reynoso reflexionan sobre la única derrota de Canelo en su carrera como boxeador profesional: una pelea en el 2013 con Floyd Mayweather Jr. Canelo habla del lado bueno de esa derrota y su certeza de que noquearía a Mayweather si lucharan entre sí en sus mejores momentos. Reynoso recuenta su tristeza después de la pelea y sentir que le habían fallado a su país. Más tarde, Canelo deslegitima a la celebridad de YouTube Logan Paul en el ring de boxeo y muestra su respeto por el regreso de Mike Tyson al boxeo.