Rob Dyrdek

Graham sits down with Rob Dyrdek at the Fantasy Factory in L.A. to discuss his early pro skating career and the many entrepreneurial successes that followed, including Street League Skateboarding and multiple TV shows with MTV. Dyrdek also addresses his love of performing dangerous stunts and offers Graham a tour of the Factory.

Rob Dyrdek


Rob Dyrdek: In the business world, I was a gunslinger

Rob Dyrdek talks about his business philosophies from an early age, as well as the risks he constantly took

Rob Dyrdek: I made $17 on my $1.8 million movie

Rob Dyrdek recalls writing, financing, and even paying for distribution of the ill-fated Street Dreams.

Rob Dyrdek: I was forced to stop designing shoes

Rob Dyrdek discusses his deal with DC Shoes, and the success he had designing a third of their products.

Rob Dyrdek: How I tricked MTV

Rob Dyrdek talks about the success of MTV’s Fantasy Factory, which he admits is a highly profitable marketing machine.

Rob Dyrdek: Can’t believe parents let me do this

Rob Dyrdek was driven at a young age, but he still wonders why his parents let him graduate early just to go skate.

Rob Dyrdek: My first pro skate was also my best

Rob Dyrdek remembers wowing the crowd at his first pro contest in Germany, his best performance on the pro tour.

Rob Dyrdek: “Lazy and smoking a lot of weed”

Rob Dyrdek admits he felt unfulfilled as a pro skater, and at age 24, literally got hypnotized for success

Rob Dyrdek on his worst injury: Getting “popsicled”

Rob Dyrdek details his serious injuries, including a skateboard in the anus and a chain wallet scar.

Rob Dyrdek: Why I couldn’t walk away from MTV

Despite Rob Dyrdek’s claim that he’s too old for MTV, he reveals why he recently signed a 140-episode deal.

Rob Dyrdek: I was mauled by tiger, attacked by shark

Rob Dyrdek gives a rundown of his crazy stunts, from a near-fatal surf wave, to both tiger and shark attacks.

Rob Dyrdek: My greatest stunts ever

Rob Dyrdek remembers the precision and focus required to land his favorite car stunt, the reverse flip.

Rob Dyrdek on his fallout with “Big Black”

Rob Dyrdek recalls his initial struggles to make Rob and Big, and the rocky atmosphere that ended the series.


Rob Dyrdek: ESPN lost their mind on my announcement

Rob Dyrdek discusses Street League Skateboarding, how he landed the top players, and his ultimate goals for the series.

Rob Dyrdek gives Graham Bensinger the Fantasy Factory tour

Rob Dyrdek shows off his office and personal playground, filled with skate ramps, foam pits, and stunt cars.