Bode Miller

Graham heads to the East Coast to reconnect with the most accomplished men’s alpine skier in U.S. history, Bode Miller. The six-time Olympic medalist offers a detailed look into his second career at his state-of-the-art horse training facility in Maryland. Bode definitively tells of his role at the 2018 Winter Olympics, talks of long-term plans to shake up horse racing and how he’s balancing all of that with a focus on family life. Plus, the two travel across the country to accomplished horse trainer Bob Baffert’s stable in California, where Bode shows Graham exactly why old school horse training methods need an overhaul.

Bode Miller


Bode Miller on partying with unlimited beer senior year

Bode Miller remembers discovering a seemingly unlimited supply of beer his senior year and how he was eventually caught by school authorities.

Bode Miller: Phenomenal athletes can be lousy human beings

Bode Miller reflects on how preparation is the basis to his confidence, the notion that star athletes are selfish and why some athletes are imbalanced with strong physical talents yet poor interpersonal skills.

Bode Miller: I won’t compromise speed to look good

Bode Miller responds to critics of his skiing style and shares why he was incredibly analytical in his pursuit to shave off tenths of a second.

Bode Miller: Proposing to wife after 1.5 months

Bode Miller talks about his wife, Morgan (Beck) Miller – from love at first sight at her volleyball match to his complex proposal strategy 1.5 months later.

Bode Miller on growing up without electricity or running water

Bode Miller remembers the freedom and lessons learned from living off the grid with his family on hundreds of acres of land in New Hampshire.

Bode Miller: Shifting perspective of disabled individuals

Bode Miller reveals how a family friend’s car accident inspired Miller to create the Turtle Ridge Foundation, which helps shift the perspective of disabled individuals and promotes accountability within a community.

Bode Miller: Brother’s death pushed me to the edge

Bode Miller recalls the tragic death of his younger brother, Chelone, and coinciding events including a miscarriage and paternity suit that pushed him to the edge.

Bode Miller: I don’t view the media very favorably

Bode Miller says the general public’s morals haven’t caught up with the evolution of media and social media, which translates to a lack of integrity across media outlets and an absent moral compass on social media. Miller cites a 2006 episode of “60 Minutes” that focused on his story of skiing hungover and later addresses his uncle’s criticism that he is the biggest underachiever in skiing history.

Bode Miller on fixing horse racing’s failures

Bode Miller tells the story of getting hooked on horse racing while watching his first Kentucky Derby at a VISA-sponsored event, plus talks of the instinctual gentleness of horses and getting into the “failing” sport because he saw its decline as a massive opportunity.

Bode Miller: Gold medal or Kentucky Derby win?

Bode Miller outlines his plans to strengthen his position in horse racing industry, shares why he can’t yet fully commit his time to the operation and compares winning an Olympic gold medal to breeding a Kentucky Derby-winning horse.

Bode Miller: Horse training hasn’t improved in 40 years

Bode Miller gets deep into horse training methodology, explaining why the practice of training race horses hasn’t improved in 40 years and what he’s doing differently in an effort to evolve the sport.

Bode Miller: I suspected a shady horse trainer

Bode Miller recounts an incident with one of his former horse trainers where Miller was suspicious of the trainer’s motivation to sell a horse, which led to the trainer’s departure from Miller’s team.

Bode Miller: Horse training hasn’t improved in 40 years

Bode Miller gets deep into horse training methodology, explaining why the practice of training race horses hasn’t improved in 40 years and what he’s doing differently in an effort to evolve the sport.

Bode Miller: I want to be a stay-at-home dad

Bode Miller shares his approach to parenting alongside his wife, Morgan (Beck) Miller, including why he wants to be a stay-at-home dad and why he and his wife always try to offer an explanation when saying “no.”

Bode Miller: Competing at 2018 Olympics?

Bode Miller looks towards the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, sharing his excitement to contribute as a broadcast commentator. Miller says the risk/reward involved leaves a 0 percent chance he will compete in 2018, plus we share a 2014 interview excerpt where the five-time Olympian discusses the impurity of the Olympic games.

Bode Miller: I’m finished skiing professionally

Bode Miller says he will not race another World Cup event, offers his interpretation of when his skiing career reached its peak and why – for the most part – he does not regret past mistakes.

Bode Miller: Bob Baffert’s knack for picking winners

Bode Miller shares stories of his first meeting with esteemed racehorse trainer, Bob Baffert, plus Baffert’s unique ability to identify talented horses and why he has to operate discreetly at auctions.

Bode Miller: Crazy how Bob Baffert trains horses

Bode Miller offers Graham a tour of his horse training facility in Maryland, equipped with a treadmill, hyperbaric chamber and air filtration system. Later, Bode takes Graham to Bob Baffert’s horse racing stable in California and compares the conditions between the two operations.

Behind the Scenes: Two days with Bode Miller

Behind the scenes of Graham’s two days with Bode Miller, including the trip from Maryland to California to spend time with horse training star, Bob Baffert… who ended up in Philadelphia to support an injured employee.