Clayton Kershaw

Graham sits down with three-time Cy Young Award winner, Clayton Kershaw. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ ace discusses his Cy Young Awards, charity work in Africa, a strong Christian faith and getting pumped up with a surprising pregame playlist of pop songs.

Clayton Kershaw


Clayton Kershaw interviewed day after Cy Young win

Clayton Kershaw on winning his second of three NL Cy Young awards and how he celebrated

Clayton Kershaw: Embarrassing prank pulled on me

Clayton Kershaw on getting tricked into wearing another player’s jersey during his MLB debut, plus his reaction to the call-up

Clayton Kershaw: Changing lives in Africa

Clayton Kershaw discusses his charity, Kershaw’s Challenge, and the work he and his wife Ellen are doing with underprivileged children in Africa

Clayton Kershaw’s playlist: Beyonce, Taylor Swift

Clayton Kershaw confesses he listens to Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson during his pre-game warm ups

Clayton Kershaw: I get anxiety before I pitch

Clayton Kershaw describes his tense emotions before pitching and why he barely speaks to teammates

Clayton Kershaw: I barely take time off

Clayton Kershaw explains his workout routine in the offseason and what keeps him motivated

Clayton Kershaw: The long sting of a playoff loss

Clayton Kershaw on feeling responsible for the 2013 NLCS loss to the St. Louis Cardinals and trying to get over it

Clayton Kershaw on proposing to high school sweetheart

Clayton Kershaw talks about meeting his wife, Ellen, in high school and his elaborate marriage proposal

Clayton Kershaw: How my faith drives me

Clayton Kershaw discusses growing in his Christian faith and how he uses his personal success to glorify God’s name

Clayton Kershaw: Money shouldn’t change you

Clayton Kershaw discusses the life-changing experience of forgoing college to sign with the Dodgers and his approach to making big league money

Clayton Kershaw: I really love Ping Pong

Clayton Kershaw is an ace on his ping pong table in a friendly game with Graham Bensinger