Greg Norman

Graham sits down with legendary golfer, Greg Norman, who discusses losing with class, picking up golf out of boredom and going against his father’s wishes by turning pro. Norman also shares how he built his business empire, the personal costs of success and golfing with his best friend, Bill Clinton, among a variety of other candid stories.

Greg Norman


Greg Norman’s 13,000-acre Colorado getaway

Greg Norman on his massive ranch property, which includes 2 miles of the White River, 7 lakes, 91 miles of road, skiing runs as well as shooting ranges for both his sniper rifles and pistols.

Greg Norman: Great white shark dragged us 9 miles

Greg “The Shark” Norman on his love for offshore fishing, when a 2,000 lb. shark pulled his boat 9 miles and an encounter when his fishing boat was mistaken for a vessel fleeing to Cuba.

Greg Norman: 120 mph in Ferrari with cop in pursuit

Greg Norman tells stories of a 20-mile, high-speed police chase in his Ferrari Testarossa, running out of air during a deep-sea dive and sharing a love for mountain climbing with his wife.

Greg Norman: Rejecting millions to bet on myself

Greg Norman on working with Reebok to leverage national exposure for his own brand equity instead of others and details of how his $2 million investment in Cobra golf clubs netted him $40 million in just 10 years.

Greg Norman: Dad created my fear of failure

Greg Norman recalls how he first got hooked on golf, walking away from a career with the Australian Air Force and how fear of failing his parents pushed him to work harder than any other aspiring golfers.

Greg Norman: Golf came first, family second

Greg Norman reveals he paid the ultimate sacrifice to achieve success both in golf and business and the changes he would make if he could do it all over again.

Greg Norman: Sore losers piss me off

Greg Norman describes what it was like to lose the 1996 Masters, why his loss won favor among golf fans and the inherent responsibility of pros to lose with class.

Greg Norman on Tiger Woods: We don’t talk

Greg Norman says it’s strange he and Tiger Woods don’t talk, even though they live close to each other on Jupiter Island, FL., and puts the ball in Tiger’s court.

Greg Norman: Bill Clinton ruined my knee

Greg Norman reflects on when he nearly rejected President Bill Clinton’s request to play golf based on the sitting U.S. President’s political viewpoints, taking George H.W. Bush’s advice to accept the invitation and how golf with President Clinton changed Norman’s philosophy on prejudging others. Plus, Norman says that President Clinton fell on his knee and caused him to have three surgeries to repair the damage.

Greg Norman departs course tour in personal helicopter

Greg Norman shows off features of South Florida’s Medalist Village, a golf course inspired by his Australian roots. Afterwards, he quickly departs the course via his personal helicopter.

Greg Norman: What I love about Rory McIlroy

Greg Norman on his love for Rory McIlroy keeping it real, tears of joy as Adam Scott won the Masters and the state of golf.