Lance Mackey

Graham sits down with four-time Iditarod and Yukon Quest champion, Lance Mackey. The only man to twice win the Iditarod and Yukon Quest in the same season, Mackey discusses his courageous battle with throat cancer, unparalleled racing success and how he owes his life to his dogs.

Lance Mackey


Lance Mackey: I nearly died in -70 degrees

Lance Mackey recalls fearing for his life in -70 degree temperatures during the Yukon Quest and how he has to put on a front so his dogs didn’t see the struggle.

Lance Mackey: Tricking rival to win Iditarod

Lance Mackey describes how he tricked rival Jeff King into thinking he was sleeping, then snuck back onto the trail to win the 2008 Iditarod.

Lance Mackey: I should weigh 400 pounds

Dog musher Lance Mackey discusses his voracious appetite and how much he can eat in one setting.

Lance Mackey: Sledding with a softball-sized tumor

Lance Mackey discusses the life-threatening surgery to remove a softball-sized tumor from his neck and how upset he was when the anesthesiologist told him to say goodbye to his family.

Lance Mackey on cancer: I cannot swallow

Lance Mackey explains the effects of his cancer treatment that force him to have water wherever he goes and why his jaw bone was completely exposed for two years.

Lance Mackey: I cut off my finger

Four-time Iditarod winner Lance Mackey explains the painful issue with Raynaud’s disease, asking doctors to cut off his index finger, and how the surgical removal was the best thing he did that year.

Lance Mackey: Dogs understand entire conversations

Dog musher Lance Mackey describes the unique relationship and communication he shares with his dogs and why he gets emotional recounting how they changed his life.

Lance Mackey: Sled dogs WANT to do this

Lance Mackey outlines his inconsistent training methods to prepare his kennel of dogs to compete in the Iditarod and explains that his dogs want to run and want to compete.

Lance Mackey: Nearly lost top dog to a drunk driver

Lance Mackey recalls the race in which his sled was hit by a drunk driver on a snowmobile, which nearly killing his prized sled dog, Zorro, that was bleeding internally from the crash.

Lance Mackey: Spent $100,000/year on drugs & booze

Four-time Iditarod winner Lance Mackey discusses his self-destructive lifestyle as a crab fisherman and the decision to start over somewhere new.

Lance Mackey: I’ve won 4 Iditarods and I’m broke

Lance Mackey explains how even with all of his racing success, lack of sponsorship, the IRS and massive hospital bills keep him in debt.

Lance Mackey: Winning Iditarod to make dad proud

Lance Mackey discusses the emotional meeting with his father at the finish line of his first Iditarod victory in 2007. Also, Mackey talks of his next goal, which is to be the first to win an Iditarod with all 16 dogs still running strong.

How Lance Mackey cares for 65 Iditarod dogs

Lance Mackey shows Graham around his kennel, including the dogs’ diets, shelter, body type and how he shows affection for his pack.

Reporter’s rough ride dog sledding with Lance Mackey

Lance Mackey takes Graham out for a frigid dog mushing run on the rugged trails outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. Graham falls multiple times and the two stop because of an altercation between dogs.