Lewis Hamilton

Graham travels to Brackley, England to sit down with five-time Formula 1 champ, Lewis Hamilton. The global icon and one of TIME’s most influential people talks about breaking barriers as the first black driver in the F1, the controversial decisions to leave both Team McLaren and his father as manager and a lost friendship with former teammate and rival, Nico Rosberg. Plus, Lewis and Graham drive through the English countryside to discuss dating, dodging the paparazzi and a cold shoulder from Oprah Winfrey.

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton: Balancing jet-setting and work

Lewis Hamilton describes his fast-paced, tireless travel schedule and his work-life balance

Lewis Hamilton: I didn’t enjoy first championship

Lewis Hamilton on pressure to impress as a rookie and why he didn’t enjoy winning a championship in year two

Lewis Hamilton on losing: I’d barely eat for days

Lewis Hamilton explains what it was like to dwell on failure early in his career and his improved outlook now

Lewis Hamilton: I lose 10 pounds in one race

Lewis Hamilton explains the rigorous toll racing takes on his body, thanks to G-forces and gear

Lewis Hamilton: McLaren felt betrayed

Lewis Hamilton explains his 2012 decision to switch from his team since teenage years to Mercedes AMG Petronas

Lewis Hamilton: Nico Rosberg friendship impossible

Lewis Hamilton on his relationship with teammate and rival, Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton: Fired my dad, like Beyonce

Lewis Hamilton on getting into racing with his dad and the difficulties of firing him

Lewis Hamilton: My brother and cerebral palsy

Lewis Hamilton on growing up with his brother, who has cerebral palsy, and is Lewis’ inspiration

Lewis Hamilton: Breaking racial barriers

Lewis Hamilton on the realization to embrace his role as the first black driver in Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton: Asked my boss for job as child

Lewis Hamilton on meeting the owner of McLaren, his first karting experience and striving to impress dad

Lewis Hamilton: Tour of my race car

Lewis Hamilton offers an introductory look into the high tech world of designing a Formula 1 race car

Lewis Hamilton: Technique that sets me apart

Lewis Hamilton shares the trials and triumphs of learning a late-braking technique from his dad

Lewis Hamilton on friends Jay Z, Kanye, Drake

Lewis Hamilton on friendships with rap moguls Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake, plus his own love for producing music

A day in Lewis Hamilton’s hometown

A variety of perspectives on Lewis Hamilton’s influence, from Stevenage locals and a Motor Sport Magazine editor

Lewis Hamilton: Oprah ignored me

Lewis Hamilton on dropping the dating scene, and a cold shoulder from Oprah Winfrey