Matt Kemp

Graham sits down with two-time All-Star outfielder, Matt Kemp, in Los Angeles. Now in his first season with the Padres, the former Dodger opens up about not knowing how to play when he joined the majors, coping with fan and management criticism and narrowly losing the 2011 MVP. He also remembers growing up with his mom, almost pursuing basketball over baseball and tears of joy when his first long-term contract was finalized.

Matt Kemp


Matt Kemp: Basketball was my first love

Matt Kemp on nearly getting drafted 1st overall by the Marlins, how his young baseball career took a back seat to his love for basketball and the struggles of boredom during rookie ball.

Matt Kemp: Taking on Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony

Matt Kemp on playing high school basketball against big names like Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony and why his dad was right to push Kemp away from basketball and towards baseball.

Matt Kemp on shooting a BB in his cousin’s knee

Matt Kemp recalls accidentally shooting a BB in his cousin’s knee, trying to cover it up and inadvertently making his grandpa cry.

Matt Kemp: Mom is the strongest woman I know

Matt Kemp talks about his mom working two jobs and how his dad wasn’t around much as a kid.

Matt Kemp: I should’ve been 2011 NL MVP

Matt Kemp on getting snubbed in 2011 MVP voting and a beastly encounter with Ken Griffey Jr.

Matt Kemp: Say it to my face, not to media

Matt Kemp on struggling through his 2010 season and criticism from fans and Dodgers management.

Matt Kemp: $160M contract foretold in fortune cookies

Matt Kemp remembers breaking down in tears after signing an 8-year, $160 million contract with the Dodgers, and how the deal was foretold in fortune cookies.

Matt Kemp: $200K shoe game

Matt Kemp on owning hundreds of shoes valued at roughly $200K, what he looks for to see if a woman has it together and working with a stylist.

Matt Kemp: Nothing is normal when dating Rihanna

Matt Kemp remembers being hounded by tabloid paparazzi while he dated Rihanna.