Scott Hamilton

Olympic gold medalist and figure skating analyst, Scott Hamilton, invites Graham to his Nashville home for a candid conversation about his recent diagnosis of a third brain tumor. The two also discuss his lifelong battle with health issues, including testicular cancer, and how his unwavering optimism is carrying him through this latest setback.The iconic figure skater also talks about the massive pressure that came with winning Olympic gold and why he’s partnering with the NHL’s Nashville Predators. Plus, Hamilton takes Graham out on the ice for a lesson.

Scott Hamilton


First-timer ice skating tips from Scott Hamilton

Graham learns the fundamentals of ice skating from Olympic figure skating gold medalist, Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton: A tour of my Nashville home

Scott Hamilton offers a tour of his Nashville home, including a look at some of his iconic skating costumes, his guitar collection and a quick drum solo


Scott Hamilton: Tonya Harding destroyed skating

Scott Hamilton reflects on the glory days of figure skating in the 80s and early 90s, how the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan led to unrepeatable TV ratings that crippled the sport and shares his continued optimism that the current void on the professional side means there is plenty of opportunity to improve

Scott Hamilton: Losing mom pushed me to win

Scott Hamilton shares how his mom’s passing motivated him to up his game and honor her with his successes. He also talks about the immense pressure when carrying the title as the best male figure skater in the sport

Scott Hamilton: The guilt of winning Olympic gold

Scott Hamilton reflects on the many emotions he experience standing atop the podium at the 1984 Winter Olympics and receiving his gold medal, how he found himself lost after fulfilling the ultimate goal and how he maintained humility by keeping his gold medal out of sight

Scott Hamilton: Why did I stop growing?

Scott Hamilton talks about the perks of figure skating at 5’3″ and how – as a child – his short stature evoked grade school bullies. He also shares the journey to find a diagnosis for his stunted growth and the first time he found self esteem

Scott Hamilton: Adopting from Haiti a dream come true

Scott Hamilton discusses how his family fell in love with and adopted a brother and sister from Haiti, the dream that foreshadowed his close relationship with his now daughter and what it’s like helping both children transition to a family with supportive parents

Scott Hamilton: Parents teetered on bankruptcy for me

Scott Hamilton talks about the many sacrifices his parents endured so he could pursue his passion of figure skating, how his mom’s cancer treatments initially put an expiration date on his competitive skating and the sponsors that came through to keep Scott’s momentum going

Scott Hamilton: “Nothing’s gonna knock me down.”

Scott Hamilton inspires as he talks about his optimistic outlook on life, including the awakening that came with his cancer diagnosis and how nothing good comes of negativity

Scott Hamilton: Laughing off testicular cancer

Scott Hamilton looks back on when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, mimicking the example set by his mom to make light of chemotherapy treatments and his unofficial job now as a morale officer

Scott Hamilton: No plans to treat brain tumor

Scott Hamilton recounts telling his wife of his first brain tumor, how her immediate reaction to pray set the course for their philosophy, surgeries and recoveries together and how he is approaching his current brain tumor, diagnosed in 2016

Scott Hamilton: My hero endocrinologist

Scott Hamilton shares his battles with endocrinologists after his first surgery to remove a brain tumor and how a previous prescription of daily hormones was negatively impacting his typically upbeat personality, but also how a friend’s personal recommendation for a Nashville-based endocrinologist changed everything for the better

Scott Hamilton: Fighting cancer with my foundation

Scott Hamilton details his efforts with Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, creating and personal highlights from his established ice show, “An Evening with Scott Hamilton & Friends”

Nashville Predators CEO on working with Scott Hamilton

Nashville Predators CEO, Sean Henry, on approaching Scott Hamilton about the idea of creating a skating program called the Scott Hamilton Academy and how Scott’s premature “yes” further fueled excitement for the program. The Preds CEO also compares Scott as a skating coach to having Babe Ruth as a hitting coach and touts Scott’s impressive track record of taking everything he touches to a higher level.

Scott Hamilton: Jesse James stole my Porsche

Scott Hamilton and Jesse James both recount the story of Jesse stealing Scott’s green Porsche and later reconnecting as cast members on “The Apprentice,” where Jesse apologized for the theft

Scott Hamilton: I bonded with Trump over hair loss

Scott Hamilton offers his positive take on Donald Trump, praising Trump for repeatedly getting the job done and his quiet philanthropy. The gold medal figure skater also tells of their first meeting, when Trump called him into his office to recommend a product to combat hair loss