Steve -O

Graham goes In Depth with comedian and stunt performer Stephen “Steve-O” Glover as they spend two days in and around Hollywood. Steve-O details the progressive intensity of his jaw-dropping stunts that led to worldwide fame – including his roles in “Jackass” and “Wildboyz” – and a first-hand look at his more recent adventures as a stand-up comedian. He candidly reflects on the addictions that ran rampant through his family tree and overcoming his own battles with drug and alcohol addictions, plus shares aspirations to build an animal sanctuary and settle down with his fiancee Lux.



Steve-O: Netflix doesn’t want my comedy special

Steve-O details the trials and tribulations of his start in stand-up comedy, his comedy mentor Dane Cook, how his act has evolved over the years and the high-budget comedy special he’s been unable to sell. Plus, Graham joins him for an impromptu set at the Hollywood Improv.

Steve-O: “Jackass” changed my life

Steve-O talks about the overnight success of MTV’s “Jackass” and the controversy it inspired. He also discusses the show’s transition into movies, the likelihood of future projects and the personal and professional influence of “Jackass” alum, Johnny Knoxville.

Steve-O: Closest I’ve come to dying

Steve-O regales with a rundown of notable stunts throughout the years. Highlights include having his cheek pierced with a fish hook to become live shark bait, applying leeches to his eyeballs, walking a tightrope over an alligator pond and catapulting a full porta-potty with himself inside.

Steve-O: Stapling my scrotum to my legs

Steve-O explains how a trick he perfected in his days as a clown evolved in both severity and explicitness, resulting in one of his best-known and most controversial stunts. Plus, he remembers a particular performance and the subsequent chaos that landed him in jail.

Steve-O: Long-term health concerns

Steve-O opens up about various health risks resulting from years of dangerous stunts and bodily harm, including testicular cancer from numerous kicks to the groin, CTE from constant blows to the head and esophageal cancer from induced vomiting.

Steve-O: No sex for over a year

Steve-O gets candid about his struggles with sex addiction, including his decision to enter sex therapy amid career uncertainty after Bad Grandpa’s premiere. He also details the extreme measures he took in the process and admits to a new addiction he still battles.

Steve-O: Cocaine bender with Mike Tyson

Steve-O recalls showing up unannounced to a house party where Mike Tyson surprisingly welcomed him. The stuntman and comedian recalls having an abnormally large amount of cocaine on him at the time, until he and Tyson locked themselves in a bathroom for hours and went through all of it.

Steve-O: My tattoos

Steve-O shows off a few of his best tattoos and reveals both his personal favorite and the surprisingly emotional reason.

Steve-O: Snorting HIV positive blood

Steve-O remembers being allowed small amounts of alcohol from an early age, lists all the drugs he’s done throughout his life and relives a particularly desperate episode at the house of his dealer.

Steve-O: Vivid hallucinations, angelic interventions

Steve-O gives his extra-dimensional, spiritual theory on drug-induced hallucinations and relives some of his more vivid episodes, including self-moving objects, his own face emerging from a globe and a chair going up in flames while he was still seated in it.

Steve-O: Alcoholic mom faked terminal cancer

Steve-O opens up about his late mother, who suffered from alcoholism throughout her life. He remembers her episodes of binge drinking while his dad was on business trips, its effects on his upbringing and her marriage to his father and the traumatic lie she told to further enable her drinking.

Steve-O: Johnny Knoxville’s drug intervention

Steve-O recounts a low point in his drug addiction and the mass email that led “Jackass” co-star Johnny Knoxville to stage an intervention. Plus: stories from his recovery, including suicidal thoughts, lessons from rehab, the unlikely benefits of his pessimistic outlook and the reason he stayed in sober living for two years.

Steve-O on Ryan Dunn’s death

Steve-O speaks candidly about the passing of “Jackass” co-star Ryan Dunn, who died in a car crash while driving drunk. He remembers their last interaction, realizing the extent of Dunn’s alcoholism and his admittedly selfish thought upon hearing of the death.

Steve-O: Bonding with my dad

Steve-O details frequent family moves throughout his childhood, acting out to get attention and the difficulty of his father’s demanding work life. He also recalls the touching moment his dad agreed to support his career and the memorable first negotiation he weighed in on as a business mentor.

Steve-O and fiancee: No kissing for the first month

Graham catches up with Steve-O and his fiancee, Lux Wright, at the Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary in Santa Clarita, CA. The couple gets candid about dating and the question of kids. They also discuss their own plans to open an animal sanctuary/daycare for children with special needs, inspired by Steve’s nephew.

Steve-O: Animal sanctuary tour

Steve-O – a devoted vegan and animal activist – joins Graham Bensinger on a tour of Santa Clarita’s Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary which rescues and houses sick, abused and abandoned animals. The pair also discusses animal cruelty and ways to help with founder Ellie Laks.

Steve-O: Explosive tour of my home

Steve-O gives a tour of his Hollywood Hills home as only Steve-O can. In addition to showing off his pets and a few collectibles, he makes time to detonate a smoke bomb in his editing room and let Graham blow a fireball off of his torched head.