Alex Ovechkin

Graham spends two days with NHL superstar, Alex Ovechkin, in his hometown of Moscow. The three-time MVP opens up for the first time about the death of his older brother, plus talks candidly about the influence of his parents, who also stop by to discuss their very different approaches to watching Alex play at Capital One Arena. Ovechkin shows Graham around Moscow, introduces him to some of his family and caps off the interview with a dip in his backyard pond.

Alex Ovechkin


Alex Ovechkin’s first English words: Corn Flakes

Alex Ovechkin talks transitioning to the NHL, including tackling the language barrier and his first NHL game

Alex Ovechkin: My biggest hit

Alex Ovechkin describes leveling Jaromir Jagr in the Winter Olympics and his team scoring a goal right after

Alex Ovechkin on thinking, reading and hearing the game

Alex Ovechkin talks about his mentality on the ice and how he tries to hear as much as he sees

Alex Ovechkin: I never doubted I’d play in the NHL

Alex Ovechkin on early hockey influences, including Owen Nolan, Mario Lemieux and especially his parents

Alex Ovechkin: I want to be just like my mom

Alex Ovechkin says he tries to emulate his mom’s athletic achievements, credits his dad as his personal coach

Alex Ovechkin: My brother’s death

Alex Ovechkin opens up for the first time about the death of his brother and how it motivates him today

Alex Ovechkin says he’ll bring an Olympic gold to Russia

Despite not medaling in Sochi, Alex Ovechkin says he can bring home the gold for Russia in future Olympics

Alex Ovechkin downplays rivalry with Sidney Crosby

Alex Ovechkin says it’s still a challenge to face Sidney Crosby, but it’s nothing like their first two years in the NHL

Alex Ovechkin on rule changes and the NHLPA

Alex Ovechkin accepts rule changes and is thankful the NHLPA gives him a voice, even if rules just change again

Alex Ovechkin: A tour of my Russian home

Alex Ovechkin gives Graham Bensinger a tour of his home and introduces him to some special family members

Alex Ovechkin’s dad: “Alex is the man in D.C., then Obama, then me”

Alex Ovechkin’s parents discuss ‘dream come true’ of Alex being draft first, and why they sit apart at games

Alex Ovechkin at home: Shooting contest in backyard net

Alex Ovechkin hits shots as Graham Bensinger calls them, then takes on a friend in a shooting contest

Alex Ovechkin strips, flips and dips into his pond

Alex Ovechkin and Graham Bensinger score style points while flipping into the pond in Ovechkin’s backyard