Terrell Owens

Graham sits down with Terrell Owens to discuss his Hall of Fame-worthy legacy and locker room reputation among football reporters. The two also address their 2005 interview that led to T.O.’s NFL suspension, his standout touchdown celebrations and a difficult upbringing with a strict grandmother and absent father. Plus, T.O. takes Graham to his local bowling alley for a head-to-head challenge.

Terrell Owens


Terrell Owens: I was lost being T.O.

Terrell Owens and his life coach sit down with Graham to discuss the process of trusting in a stranger to help T.O. grow as a man and just how much the transition to becoming a better person means to the future Hall of Famer.

Terrell Owens: Graham’s apology involving ’05 suspension

Terrell Owens and Graham apologize to each other for aspects of a 2005 interview that led to T.O.’s suspension and ultimate departure from the Philadelphia Eagles. During the ’05 interview, T.O. comments on the Eagles organization’s treatment of his 100th career touchdown and agrees with a comment made by Michael Irvin that favors Brett Favre over Donovan McNabb

Terrell Owens: The Catch that ignited my career

Terrell Owens on the significance of his historic, game-winning catch in a 1999 wild card game against Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers

Terrell Owens: Meant no disrespect by TD celebrations

Terrell Owens walks through some of his greatest touchdown celebrations, including standing on the Dallas Cowboys star, pulling out a sharpie, grabbing a cheerleader’s pom poms and doing Ray Lewis’ dance

Terrell Owens: It felt like playing with Michael Jordan

Terrell Owens relates playing alongside the greatest wide receiver ever, Jerry Rice, to what it must feel like to play with Michael Jordan or LeBron James, and explains what he learned from Rice as they played together for the San Francisco 49ers

Terrell Owens: I risked career to play in Super Bowl

Terrell Owens details his incredibly accelerated rehab after breaking his leg six weeks before the Super Bowl, and the inspiration it provided the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles to see T.O. return in time to play in Super Bowl XXXIX

Terrell Owens: Whoopins were just a way of life

Terrell Owens on how his mom and grandma shielding him from the realization that they had little money and the strict upbringing – including whoopins and picking out his own switch – from his grandma

Terrell Owens: Grandma taught me to keep the faith

Terrell Owens looks back on being raised by his grandma, his greatest lesson from her – to keep his faith in God, and the struggles that came with her memory loss due to alzheimer’s disease

Terrell Owens: A neighbor said he was my dad

Terrell Owens recounts growing up not knowing who his father was, until circumstances forced his neighbor to come clean that he was also his father, and how T.O. is applying his childhood experiences to be a better father to his own kids

Terrell Owens: I trusted the wrong people with money

Terrell Owens on how irresponsibility and entrusting the wrong people with his finances led to financial troubles

Terrell Owens: Donovan McNabb’s mid-huddle F-bomb

Terrell Owens on his initial, close relationship with former Eagles QB, Donovan McNabb and when the relationship soured after McNabb’s sharp response to T.O. saying he was open

Terrell Owens: I’m not the guy media portray

Terrell Owens talks about his inaccurate image among some members of the media as the guy that destroyed locker rooms, expresses pride in his NFL achievements and explains how he’s striving to be a better man

Kingpin Terrell Owens on training for bowling

Terrell Owens takes Graham to school at T.O.’s local bowling alley