Adrian Peterson

Graham travels to Houston to talk with superstar running back, Adrian Peterson, from his new home and at his new gym. In the first long-form TV interview since his 2014 NFL suspension, the seven-time Pro Bowler candidly reflects on his opinion of Roger Goodell’s ruling, lessons learned throughout the judgement and advice to others overcoming adversity. Peterson also discusses his hard-nosed playing style and chasing NFL records, plus takes Graham through offseason training drills at the new gym the day of its grand opening.

Adrian Peterson


Adrian Peterson on torn ACL: Worst pain ever

Adrian Peterson reflects on tearing his ACL in 2011 and the highs and lows of his incredible recovery

Adrian Peterson: Losing dad to prison

Adrian Peterson recounts when – at 13 – his dad was sentenced to 10 years in prison and how Adrian lashed out and missed a year of school; taped in 2012

Adrian Peterson on age: I look to Ray Lewis, Randy Moss

Adrian Peterson on recovery time in his 30s, common causes for performance decline and looking to other, older players for inspiration

Adrian Peterson: Youth discipline shaped me

Adrian Peterson recounts stories of discipline from his youth, including picking out his own switch and a humiliating whooping in front of his friends

Adrian Peterson: Unfair suspension and Roger Goodell

Adrian Peterson on roles and judgements surrounding his 2014 NFL suspension, including the politics of Roger Goodell’s ruling, the impact of Ray Rice’s charges and a change of heart from the Governor of Minnesota

Adrian Peterson: Running in 2020 Olympics?

Adrian Peterson on his serious consideration and therapeutic reasons to try out for the 2016 Summer Olympics, and the potential he’ll represent his country in 2020

Adrian Peterson: I’ve battled adversity my entire life

Adrian Peterson reflects on his pattern of staying positive and motivated despite numerous hardships, and his advice to others working to overcome adversity

Adrian Peterson’s new gym, fumble prevention drill

Adrian Peterson shows Graham around his new gym in Houston, O Athletik, including a ball security drill, box jumping and the story of a track athlete who couldn’t hang

Adrian Peterson on child abuse charges

Adrian Peterson on his sole intention to discipline his son, recognizing his errors, the sudden turn of events in court that changed his ruling and lessons learned throughout

Adrian Peterson: Fixing my fumbles

Adrian Peterson on how his style of play is more conducive to fumbling, how he planned to fix it and why he makes a point not to harp on the issue; taped in 2010

Adrian Peterson: My eye-opening trip to Uganda

Adrian Peterson on the culture shock of his trip to Africa – digging wells, visiting schools and trying to teach kids American football; taped in 2010

Adrian Peterson on losing drug-dealing dad to prison

Adrian Peterson recounts when – at 13 – his dad was sent to prison for eight years and how Adrian lashed out and missed a year of school; taped in 2012

Adrian Peterson: Brother killed by drunk driver

Adrian Peterson reflects on the death of his older brother and how the circumstances forced him to grow up quickly and made him stronger; taped in 2012

Adrian Peterson’s diet: Spam, syrup sandwiches

Adrian Peterson discusses his surprising diet and his love for syrup sandwiches, Skittles, brownies, ramen noodles, spam and sardines; taped in 2012