Danica Patrick

Racing icon Danica Patrick offers a firsthand look at her life after retirement from NASCAR and IndyCar as she takes Graham around her Napa Valley vineyard. The best female driver ever opens up about the successes and struggles of her career, the unfortunate politics of racing sponsorships and her relationship with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, among many other topics.

Danica Patrick


Danica Patrick: Intense weekend routine as a racing family

Danica Patrick looks back on her introduction to karting and her family’s dedication to racing as a child, including her father driving her to races up to 20 hours away.

Danica Patrick: Disrespected while racing in England

Danica Patrick talks of her parents’ difficult decision to allow her to quit high school and pursue a career in professional racing. Danica recounts her move to England and finding it difficult to receive appropriate recognition and make friends, plus her temporary return home due to partying with other drivers.

Danica Patrick: My big break almost didn’t happen

Danica Patrick recalls being persuaded by her father to meet with Bobby Rahal in Milwaukee and how that surprisingly brief encountered kickstarted her professional racing career.

Danica Patrick: Sexy photoshoot a pivotal move

Danica Patrick reflects on how she gained confidence after a photoshoot with FHM, saying she went from intentionally not standing out as a woman to using her attributes to her advantage and sharing the message that it’s OK to be both a respected contender at the race track AND highlight her femininity.

Danica Patrick: Fired parents for manipulative husband

Danica Patrick reflects on the hardest decision of her life – firing her parents and asking them to not join her at the race track anymore. Patrick talks of manipulation from her partner at the time and her family’s immediate forgiveness when she reached out years later.

Danica Patrick: Greatest regret of my life

Danica Patrick discusses racing in her first Indianapolis 500 in 2005, including tears in her dad’s eyes before the green flag and continued regret that she lost the lead with just laps to go after getting the directive to conserve fuel.

Danica Patrick: Making IndyCar history in Japan

Danica Patrick explains the emotions of earning her first IndyCar win in 2008 at the Indy Japan 300 and becoming the first female winner in IndyCar history.

Danica Patrick: NASCAR more authentic than IndyCar

Danica Patrick compares her very different experiences racing in both NASCAR and IndyCar, saying that IndyCar drivers were all about posturing while NASCAR drivers were more friendly and authentic. She goes on to discusses the differences of the cars, saying there’s a more equal playing field in IndyCar.

Danica Patrick: I stopped loving racing

Danica Patrick explains why 2017 was among the hardest years of her career and why she retired from professional racing. Danica talks of losing her primary racing sponsor yet gaining a wine label, clothing line and launching a book.

Danica Patrick: Stewart-Haas wanted me gone?

Danica Patrick on her mutually beneficial NASCAR sponsorship history with GoDaddy, negotiating the deal herself and her unique history of finding her own sponsors. Danica also talks of Stewart-Haas Racing’s varying levels of motivation to find her a sponsor, after her primary sponsor backed out.

Danica Patrick on her Napa vineyard

Danica Patrick on the impetus for creating her own wine label – Somnium Wine – including the long road to taking her first taste of Somnium and relief that it tasted as good as she’d hoped.

Danica Patrick: Busting my butt to write a book

Danica Patrick explains the massive time investment and significant research that went into the 1.5 year-long process of writing her health and fitness book “Pretty Intense.”

Danica Patrick on Aaron Rodgers: Finally a man who pays

Danica Patrick shares the attributes she looks for in a partner, what she loves about dating Aaron Rodgers and past experiences of always picking up the tab when out on dates.

Danica Patrick: Driving Russian oligarch who bought Trump’s home

Danica Patrick shares a couple adventures, including a budget-busting trip with her sister to Bora Bora and driving Dmitry Rybolovlev – a Russian oligarch who purchased Donald Trump’s Palm Beach mansion – around the race track for his birthday, which led to a surprise lunch with Clint Eastwood.

Danica Patrick: Tour of my Napa vineyard

Danica Patrick and her colleagues discuss the business behind Danica’s dream to own a vineyard, which is now realized and can be enjoyed via her Somnium Wine. She gives Graham a tour of the vineyard, discusses attributes of the grapes and offers Graham a glass.

Danica Patrick: Why I started racing

Danica Patrick opens up about how she was motivated to get into kart racing because it meant she could spend more time with her family, especially her father.