Dennis Rodman

Graham interviews Dennis Rodman, the five-time NBA champion and Hall of Famer. Known for his dogged defense and rebounding prowess, Rodman shares stories of his 14-year career in the NBA, creating his unique image and why he feels lucky to be alive today. Also, the two-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year opens up about contemplating suicide and his emotional Hall of Fame induction speech (taped in 2011).

Dennis Rodman


Dennis Rodman: No one can tell LeBron what to do

From Shaq to LeBron James, Dennis Rodman offers his take on past and present NBA stars; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman on the father figure who kept him balanced

Dennis Rodman on how Chuck Daly and the Detroit Pistons influenced and shaped his NBA career; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman: I never talked to Jordan, Pippen off the court

Dennis Rodman says he didn’t need to talk to his Chicago Bulls teammates to help the team win; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman: I wanted to kill the follower I was becoming

Dennis Rodman on his loneliness and boredom with basketball that led to his suicidal thoughts; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman on getting his scrotum pierced

Dennis Rodman on his unique style and transferring pain in his life to pain on his body; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman’s unlikely friend from an Oklahoma farm

Dennis Rodman and Bryne Rich came from different backgrounds but bonded over basketball; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman: I grew up like any typical ghetto person

Dennis Rodman on the struggles and fun of his youth and how he reminds himself of his roots; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman as a youth: My future was jail or dealing drugs

Dennis Rodman’s future looked bleak until a growth spurt spurred his basketball career; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman: Madonna wanted to get married

Dennis Rodman talks about his relationship with Madonna and his lack of interest throughout; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman: My number shouldn’t be retired in Detroit

Dennis Rodman on his greatest NBA honors and one he’d like to receive from the Chicago Bulls; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman on sobriety: I had less sex, smoked cigars

Dennis Rodman on his partying lifestyle, years of sobriety and surprise at being alive today; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman: Our Chicago Bulls could beat any team ever

Dennis Rodman says other teams had more talent, but the Bulls had players that knew how to win; taped in 2011

Dennis Rodman: A life lesson I learned from Pearl Jam

Dennis Rodman on admiration of friend, Eddie Vedder, and the inspiration he gets from Pearl Jam; taped in 2011