Jerry Rice

Graham and Jerry Rice discuss the Hall of Famer’s childhood in Mississippi, the most frightening moment in his personal life, his record-breaking NFL career, his split with the 49ers and his regrets looking back on all of it.

Jerry Rice


Jerry Rice: Running down wild horses

Jerry Rice on why chasing down wild horses as a kid helped condition him for a future in the NFL, looking back on the benefits of his small-town upbringing and lessons from his tough father

Jerry Rice: Why I was whipped and told to play football

Jerry Rice on a punishment from his school principal that included eight lashes and being told to go out for the football team, plus, why Rice choose to play for Mississippi Valley State instead of more renowned college football programs like Notre Dame and USC

Jerry Rice: There is crying in football

Jerry Rice explains why the fear of failure propelled his success and the difficulty of his first year in the NFL

Jerry Rice: Chaos in the delivery room

Jerry Rice recalls his former wife clinging to life after giving birth to their third child, helping her recover after three months in a coma and what he learned about priorities from the terrifying ordeal

Jerry Rice: I hated off days

Jerry Rice explains his extreme training regimen, showing up for training camp early and hating to take a day off

Jerry Rice: Fired up to prove 49ers wrong

Jerry Rice recalls the pain of leaving San Francisco, why he felt obligated to deliver a speech to fans during his last home game as a 49er and how the feeling of rejection fueled him to the Pro Bowl with the Oakland Raiders. Plus, Rice responds to Brian Urlacher’s question about his lack of receptions in the farewell game.

Jerry Rice: Did Coach Callahan sabotage my Super Bowl?

Jerry Rice explains why he and teammate Tim Brown questioned then Raiders head coach, Bill Callahan’s last-minute decision to change the plan of attack, after prepping the team for a run-heavy approach all week

Jerry Rice: My golf obsession

Jerry Rice reveals that he would wake up at 4AM to hit golf balls before morning practice with the 49ers and refutes the notion that he could play professionally

Jerry Rice to Graham Bensinger: I hope you puke

Jerry Rice discusses the legendary hill that’s been a focal point of his intense workout routine and takes Graham for a grueling run on the hill

Jerry Rice: You could’ve paid me $5 to play pro ball

Jerry Rice describes how nothing can replace the thrill of playing in front of the big crowds on Sundays, how he didn’t need a large contract to fuel his passion and how it took until the later stages of his career to take blinders off and “smell the roses”