Ray Romano

Graham visits with actor, screenwriter and stand-up comedian Ray Romano at Warner Brothers Studios. Romano shares the split-second decision on Letterman that elevated his career, his obsession with golf and the embarrassing moment with Tiger Woods. Also, a surprise visit from a former “Everybody Loves Raymond” castmate and Graham challenges Ray to showcase a hidden talent.

Ray Romano


Ray Romano: I was robbed at gunpoint

Ray Romano shares two stories of being robbed at gunpoint as a gas jockey in Queens, NY

Ray Romano: I’m still insecure, despite success

Ray Romano on the sting from critics, quitting comedy twice and comedic inspirations from his life

Ray Romano on the career impact of keeping his pants on

Ray Romano details how a quick decision on “Late Show with David Letterman” propelled his career forward

Ray Romano: The do-or-die moment that solidified my show

Ray Romano talks about his show’s first and second years on CBS and the moment he knew it would succeed

Ray Romano: I doubled my therapy after sitcom ended

Ray Romano on the struggles of ending “Everybody Loves Raymond” and going out on top, to protect its legacy

Ray Romano’s youth: An awkward dance, inspiration via SNL

Ray Romano on a slow dance turned sour, slacking off in school and his early interests in performing

Ray Romano’s emotional plea to his dad, via monologue

Ray Romano remembers one of his first non-comedic performances: a monologue where he had it out with his father

Ray Romano on dating: I wasn’t exactly A-list material

Ray Romano reminisces about meeting his wife, and how she took a gamble on a guy who lived with his parents

Ray Romano: Hurt Tiger Woods’ golf game?

Ray Romano on golf perks from CBS, media criticism of slowing down Tiger Woods and a lesson from Hank Haney

Ray Romano: I can name every capital in the world

Ray Romano shows off his geographical smarts when Graham Bensinger quizzes him on capitals of countries