Road to Recovery

The greatest opponent faced by some of our guests came from within: addiction. Athletes from a variety of disciplines open up about how drug and alcohol abuse became a part of their lives, the road they took to recovery and discuss the difficulty of staying clean.

Road to Recovery


Steve-O: Snorting HIV positive blood

Steve-O remembers being allowed small amounts of alcohol from an early age, lists all the drugs he’s done throughout his life and relives a particularly desperate episode at the house of his dealer.

Joe Namath on overcoming alcoholism

Joe Namath on his battle with alcohol, staying sober for 13 years as a “dry drunk” and the combination of fear, support and religious beliefs that help him overcome the addiction.

Emmitt Smith: Pulled over for “driving while black”

Emmitt Smith addresses the infamous reputation of the ’90s-era Cowboys, plus shares stories from his football career in which he learned lessons in moderation and association.

Lance Mackey: Spent $100,000/year on drugs & booze

Four-time Iditarod winner Lance Mackey discusses his self-destructive lifestyle as a crab fisherman and the decision to start over somewhere new.

Oscar De La Hoya on addiction: My life was a lie

Oscar De La Hoya on his internal motivation to check into rehab a second time for his alcohol addiction and the struggles of hiding the addiction while managing his clean, “Golden Boy” image

Oscar De La Hoya: I hate myself for cheating

Oscar De La Hoya expresses remorse for being unfaithful in his marriage and his desire to “man up” and change his behavior. He connects his infidelity with an alcohol addiction and explains why he has been the target of various sexual allegations

Brett Favre on quitting Vicodin: I shook every night

Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer Brett Favre speaks openly about his addiction to painkillers, feeding his habit and how he quit cold turkey.

Mike Tyson: Overcoming drug addiction

In a two day interview, Mike Tyson opens up to Graham Bensinger about his drug addiction and how he got clean; taped in 2011

Mike Tyson: “I was definitely killing myself”

Mike Tyson opens up about his personal fight with cocaine addiction, its effects on his life and rehab; taped in 2012