Brian Urlacher

Eight-time Pro Bowl linebacker, Brian Urlacher, invites Graham to his home in the Chicago suburbs to reflect on career highlights, his lasting reputation and a contentious split after 13 years with the Chicago Bears. The future Pro Football Hall of Famer also opens up about losing his mom and shares his take on the NFL’s concussion protocol.

brian urlacher


Brian Urlacher: My unfinished tattoo, $15K golf bet

Brian Urlacher shares a funny story about why his tattoo fails to go around his arm, stories of pranking his friends with eggs and water balloons and a $15,000 golf bet against his brother.

Brian Urlacher on the fight to return to the field

Brian Urlacher looks back on the effort required to return to form after serious injuries sustained while playing with the Chicago Bears.

Brian Urlacher: My one regret with NFL record

Brian Urlacher – who owns the NFL record for most tackles in game – still thinks about his one missed tackle from the Monday Night Football performance, plus shares stories from other personal highlights throughout his playing days.

Brian Urlacher: Why I’m not a jerk

Brian Urlacher shares his frustration with critics who say he should have been a more intimidating player.

Brian Urlacher: I never came off the field in college

Brian Urlacher on why his college coach played him across a wide variety of positions, plus, his impressive self-motivation to improve his skills and increase his weight.

Brian Urlacher: Missing my mom

Brian Urlacher explains how his mother and stepfather helped mold him into the man he is today, and remembers his mother and her unexpected death at age 51.

Brian Urlacher: Jay Cutler never reached out

Brian Urlacher discusses his relationship with quarterback Jay Cutler, saying they never were really close and refuting rumors that Cutler may have requested for the Bears to part ways with their former captain.

Brian Urlacher: Roger Goodell and “mini” concussions

Brian Urlacher shares his opinion on NFL rule changes designed to protect offensive players, his thoughts on Roger Goodell’s position and approaching concussions differently based on their severity.

Brian Urlacher’s 13-acre Chicago estate

Brian Urlacher offers Graham Bensinger a tour of his home – a 13-acre property complete with an in-ground trampoline, basketball court, pond and putting green.

Brian Urlacher: I was disrespected by Bears management

Brian Urlacher on his disappointment with failed contract negotiations between the Chicago Bear and his agent, his desire to have played another one last season for the Bears… and only the Bears.