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In this week’s episode of “In Depth with Graham Bensinger,” Graham sits down with tennis star and recent U.S. Open runner-up, Caroline Wozniacki. Wozniacki shares stories about everything from her rise to a No. 1 ranking to her desire to settle down with a big family. She also opens up about golfer Rory McIlroy breaking off their engagement and her close friendship with Serena Williams.

Caroline Wozniacki


Caroline Wozniacki: They said soccer was for boys

Caroline Wozniacki recalls her parents’ creative way to introduce her to tennis and how competitiveness fueled her to eventually beat everyone in her family. Caroline shares that her brother will no longer play against her and how she could’ve also been a competitive swimmer.

Caroline Wozniacki: My dad is coach

Caroline Wozniacki on hiring her father, Piotr Wozniacki, as her professional tennis coach, how her dad learned about competitive tennis along the way and a “stupid exercise” that forced Caroline to storm off during practice.


Caroline Wozniacki: Befriending my foes

Caroline Wozniacki shares how she can befriend many of her fellow WTA competitors, including Serena Williams, and how she can distance herself from those friendships when it’s time to step on the tennis court.

Caroline Wozniacki: Realizing my dream at just 18

Caroline Wozniacki reflects on her rapid ascent as a teenager to a ranking at the No. 1 women’s tennis player in the world, celebrating the dream come true with her dad and how life quickly changed as major sponsor deals started to roll in.

Caroline Wozniacki on injury: Like I’d been shot

Caroline Wozniacki looks back on the dramatic footage from experiencing full body cramps en route to a dramatic win at the 2009 WTA championship.


Caroline Wozniacki: I play to win, not to look pretty

Caroline Wozniacki denies the claim that she plays a defense-first approach, saying she caters her approach to her competition and finding an approach that wins matches is all that matters.


Caroline Wozniacki: Lost motivation?

Caroline Wozniacki discusses the rigorous, time-consuming demands required of the No. 1 player in the world and how those tired her out, which could have led to her eventual drop in the rankings after holding it for two years. Plus, Caroline addresses the importance of having a personal life outside of her pro tennis career.


Caroline Wozniacki: My friend Serena Williams

Caroline Wozniacki describes how she initially bonded with Serena Williams, how that friendship has grown over the years and the Serena Williams impression that kickstarted rumors in the media.


Caroline Wozniacki: Let’s speed up the game

Caroline Wozniacki on the increased parity in the WTA today, how a shot clock would benefit players in better physical shape and her indifference to playing three- or five-game sets.

Caroline Wozniacki: Retiring soon?

Caroline Wozniacki explains why she may not play professional tennis much longer, as she’s taking it year-by-year and looking forward to starting a large family.

Caroline Wozniacki: Real story on Rory McIlroy

Caroline Wozniacki reveals how Rory McIlroy immediately went public after breaking off their engagement, the 10-minute phone call in which he ended the relationship and the silver lining for Caroline that she can now wear heels again.


Caroline Wozniacki: How my name is really pronounced

Caroline Wozniacki on the many languages she speaks and how her last name is actually pronounced.


Caroline Wozniacki: Interview outtakes

An assortment of entertaining conversations and outtakes from Graham’s interview with tennis star, Caroline Wozniacki