Dick Vitale

Graham interviews Basketball Hall of Fame broadcaster, Dick Vitale. The legendary ESPN basketball analyst is colorful and heartfelt as he shares stories of his eyesight and bullying battles as a kid, a tight bond with Jim Valvano and overcoming a career-threatening injury. “Dickie V” also offers a tour of his Florida estate and various looks at his philanthropic commitments, including an “obsession” with raising money for pediatric cancer.

Dick Vitale


Dick Vitale: ESPN made Dickie V

Dick Vitale on his feelings towards ESPN, his first day on the job and advice to aspiring TV personalities

Dick Vitale: Adele’s throat doctor saved my career

Dick Vitale on a scary moment, thinking his career is over and how the throat doctor to the stars saved it

Dick Vitale tearfully begs bullies to stop

Dick Vitale on living with one blind eye, crying as a child due to frequent bullying and help from a doctor

Dick Vitale: The truth of Jim Valvano’s ESPY speech

Dick Vitale on a heartbreaking phone call with Jim Valvano and Jimmy V’s strength to deliver his ESPY speech

Dick Vitale: Fighting for sick kids ’til last breath

Dick Vitale shares why he is obsessed with raising money for pediatric cancer and highlights an alarming stat

Dick Vitale to ESPN: Do we HAVE to cover LeBron?

Dick Vitale discusses both reluctantly covering LeBron James in high school and now asking for a LeBron game

Dick Vitale: Bob Knight’s incredible HOF gesture

Dick Vitale on his Hall of Fame induction, Bob Knight’s tremendous influence, advising ESPN’s future president

Dick Vitale on the one reason he can still work

Dick Vitale on paying for private jet flights – without help from ESPN – and why it’s always an easy decision

Dick Vitale: I’ll call games at 100 years old

Dick Vitale looks back on his “blessed” life and looks forward to broadcasting a game at 100 years old

Dick Vitale: Tour of my home

Dick Vitale graciously shows Graham Bensinger around his lavish Florida home

Dick Vitale: Schooling grandkids on different court

Dick Vitale offers Graham Bensinger a look at the Dick Vitale Student Center, introduces Graham to 3 grandkids

Dick Vitale’s advice to America’s youth

Dick Vitale visits the Dick Vitale Health & Fitness Center at a local Boys & Girls Club and pumps up the kids