Joe torre

Graham sits down with MLB’s chief baseball officer, Joe Torre. The nine-time All-Star and four-time World Series Champ (as manager) opens up about coaching Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, notable career moments and his unceremonious split with the Yankees. Torre also reflects on his abusive father and his motivation to create Safe at Home, a foundation that educates students to end the cycle of domestic violence.

joe torre


Joe Torre: Dad pulled a gun on my family

Joe Torre reflects on growing up with an abusive father including a dangerous incident when his sister picked up a kitchen knife and his father countered by pulling out a handgun. Torre shares that he still feels lingering effects of these childhood fears.

Joe Torre on losing a brother, winning a World Series

Joe Torre looks back on the highs and lows of 1996 within the Torre family, including the death of his brother Rocco, his brother Frank’s heart transplant and Joe’s first World Series title with the Yankees.

Joe Torre on buying a 1960 T-Bird from Bud Selig

Joe Torre recounts how Bud Selig sold him his first car decades ago – a 1960 Ford Thunderbird – and how Selig convinced Torre to work as a baseball executive.

Joe Torre: Zero confidence, except on the baseball field

Joe Torre opens up about how his lack of confidence in high school nearly derailed a future All-Star baseball career and how he only found confidence on the baseball diamond.

Joe Torre: My most vivid memories of 9/11

Joe Torre on how the New York Yankees tried to help after the terrorist attacks
of September 11, 2001 and how they represented more than a Major League Baseball franchise.

Joe Torre: 2007 with Yankees worst year of my life

Joe Torre on why his last season as the Yankees manager – in 2007 – was the worst of his professional career and why his relationship with the franchise broke down.

Joe Torre: Alex Rodriguez only cared about Alex Rodriguez

Joe Torre on how Alex Rodriguez cared most about his personal stats and how he still tried to be “the guy” amid a Yankees roster of fellow All Stars. Torre also praises A-Rod for his exceptional work ethic.

Joe Torre: Why I didn’t think Roger Clemens used PEDs

Joe Torre states that he did not think Roger Clemens was using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), as he attributed his exceptional performance to an intense workout routine. Torre also shares how he reignited Clemens’ aggressiveness after overhearing a call between Roger and his mom.

Joe Torre: A World Series ring will change you

Joe Torre explains how his intended baseball legacy and personality has drastically changed after winning four World Series titles.

Joe Torre: Fired 3 times before finding my stride

Joe Torre looks back on how inspiration from Bill Parcells’ book impacted his managerial style with the Yankees and how his players came to expect greatness. Plus, Torre talks of his relationship with former franchise owner, George Steinbrenner.

Joe Torre on domestic violence and his foundation

Joe Torre shares details of his foundation, Safe at Home, along with the specific benefits of its signature program, Margaret’s Place. Torre talks about providing prevention and intervention programs to help end the cycle of domestic violence.

Joe Torre: Derek Jeter didn’t want to be “The Captain”

Joe Torre looks back on Derek Jeter’s leadership – even as a 21-year-old in the presence of veterans – and shares that Jeter was reluctant to accept the role as team captain.