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Graham spends the day with the most decorated professional surfer ever, Kelly Slater. Slater, now 47, discusses the challenges facing the debut of surfing in the Tokyo Olympics, and how wave technology could have helped. Slater details the growth of his sustainable clothing brand, and the development of his business. Graham also talks to Slater’s long-time girlfriend, Kalani Miller, about the couple’s future. And then, Slater and Graham get in the water at Slater’s Surf Ranch to get first hand experience with artificial wave technology.

kelly stater


Kelly Slater: sh*t or get off the pot

Kelly Slater discusses the long process of getting his Surf Ranch off the ground. He details how his board shaver came to him with the idea, the 10 years spent developing the technology, and confronting the moment when he had to put it all on the line. Plus, having to keep the development of the Surf Ranch quiet, right down to a secret code.

Kelly Slater’s humiliating moment

Kelly Slater mistimed the first wave he rode at his Surf Ranch, wiping out in front of dozens of people. Plus, he describes the overwhelming response to the first video released, and the design problem that shut down the pool for months.

Kelly Slater: Wave technology is changing surfing

Kelly Slater says that he initially worried that artificial wave technology, including his Surf Ranch, would take away from the more organic process of picking a wave in the ocean. He also details how wave technology might impact competition, and how as it evolves, surfers will be able to customize their waves.

Kelly Slater: My addictive and obsessive personality

Kelly Slater has diagnosed himself with Attention Deficit Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He says that, if used the right way, his obsessive mind is a strength. Plus, he recalls losing 17 straight games of ping pong on his birthday, and why he ended up crying.

Kelly Slater: Death of four friends in four weeks

Kelly Slater describes the hardships he went through in the initial stages of his career, from a broken engagement to the loss of close friends and family to cancer and suicide. He tells of the moment when he realized life was bigger than his competitive goals, and finding balance in his life.

Kelly Slater on growing up poor: No heat, no hot water

Kelly Slater recalls growing up on a fixed income, sometimes going without heat or hot water, and having no winter clothes. He says though his family wasn’t in extreme poverty, his Mom did have to sell her prized possession, a 1938 Gibson gold-top banjo, to get Slater to the World Championships. Plus, he describes not knowing how to handle his early wealth, and the financial lessons he learned after losing it all.

Kelly Slater: Didn’t know about business so I started one

Kelly Slater says he didn’t know a lot about business early in his career, but he decided to start one anyways. Outerknown, his sustainably-focused apparel company, caused backlash initially thanks to its higher prices. But Slater says he wasn’t trying to make a product that was beyond most peoples’ means, but being environmentally friendly and socially compliant costs more. Plus, he discusses the impact of fast fashion.

Kelly Slater on Tokyo Olympics: Japan’s radiation problem

Kelly Slater details some of his concerns about the debut of surfing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, from possibly weak waves, to radiation levels, to the capture and slaughter of dolphins from Taiji cove. Plus, he discusses how surfing can stay in the Olympics through wave technology, and what it would mean to him to qualify.

Kelly Slater on his worst injury

Kelly Slater details the worst injury he has ever had, and the multiple surgeries that followed, keeping him from surfing. Slater says he may have returned to the water too soon, making the injury worse. Plus, he details the cost of competition, paid by the physical toll on his body.

Kelly Slater to younger surfers: Take me out

Kelly Slater has been competing for 39 years, and is older than most of the people he has seen on tour, and feels like he is still improving. But, the 47-year-old admits that he is slowing down, and has had some injuries that kept him out of the water. Plus, Slater responds to those who say he should “step aside” for younger surfers.

Two or three kids? Kalani Miller on her future with Kelly Slater

Kalani Miller, former model, co-founder of swimwear company MIKOH and Kelly Slater’s long-time girlfriend, discusses their 12 year relationship. She describes their meeting at the ASR trade show in San Diego when she and Slater were working with Roxy and Quiksilver, respectively, and their international first date. Plus, Miller opens up about the future of her relationship with Slater, including marriage and children.

Surfing with Kelly Slater

In Depth host Graham Bensinger catches some waves at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in Lemoore, Calif.

Kelly Slater: The waves run my life

Kelly Slater details his nonstop travel schedule and the unpredictability of where he’ll sleep that night

Kelly Slater: I may still compete at 50

Kelly Slater shares the advantages of older pro surfers and his motivations to continue surfing for years

Kelly Slater: My man-made waves and the Olympics

Kelly Slater on inspiration and competitive perks of Kelly Slater Wave Parks, which will feature man-made waves

Kelly Slater: I was 21, world champ and broke

Kelly Slater discusses his family’s struggle for lunch money and mismanaging his first million dollars

Kelly Slater: Dad’s death forced me to be a man

Kelly Slater on life with and without his dad, who suffered from alcoholism and passed away in 2002 from cancer

Kelly Slater: I was embarrassed to be on Baywatch

Kelly Slater candidly analyzes motivations for success, plus reflects on rocky times with mom and on Baywatch

Kelly Slater: Tough to be there for daughter

Kelly Slater discusses difficulties of being a father and maintaining his career as an elite pro surfer

Kelly Slater: I beat guys twice my age as a kid

Kelly Slater talks about his childhood and how ditching school and football practice impacted his surfing career

Kelly Slater on the wipeout that nearly killed him

Kelly Slater shares life-threatening surfing experiences, including 50-foot waves, getting knocked out

Kelly Slater: I’ll surf in Olympics at 48-years-old?

Kelly Slater on potential of surfing at an event at 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and his interest to compete

Kelly Slater: My singing and ukulele skills

Writing songs and making music

Kelly Slater takes TV host surfing in Malibu

Kelly Slater offers surfing tips to Graham Bensinger as the two ride waves in Malibu, Ca.

Kelly Slater: Tour of my fashion headquarters

Kelly Slater takes Graham Bensinger on a tour of his apparel company and shows off shorts made from fishing nets