Michael Strahan

This week, Graham travels to New York to sit down with Super Bowl champ turned Emmy-winning TV star, Michael Strahan. The seven-time Pro Bowler reflects on his move from daytime TV to morning news, predicts his eventual retirement and reflects on 15 years with the Giants. Strahan also discusses his childhood in Germany and a deep conversation with his father that changed everything. Plus, Pro Bowler Jessie Armstead offers his perspective as a longtime teammate and describes Strahan’s drastically different temperament on the football field.

Michael Strahan


Michael Strahan: Life-changing Jane Fonda tapes

Michael Strahan looks back on a childhood in Germany, including the teasing that came with being the youngest of six siblings and how it motivated him to get in shape, courtesy of Jane Fonda workout tapes and a book by Herschel Walker. Strahan also discusses his temporary move to a Houston high school to earn a college football scholarship.

Michael Strahan: Hid in hotel as rookie

Michael Strahan reflects on a deep conversation with his dad that motivated him to strive for greatness. Plus, the seven-time Pro Bowler laughs about deception from the Dallas Cowboys and a fearful first trip to New York City.

Michael Strahan: Talking to my socks

New York Giants Hall of Famer Michael Strahan details his pregame routine, plus the mentality behind smiling for team photos and being the last man on the defensive line to drop into a stance. Strahan says the hours spent watching game film helped him dissect plays and made the game easier.

Michael Strahan: Fighting teammates for respect

Michael Strahan recalls two incidents in which he felt forced to fight Giants teammates Chris Maumalanga and Scott Gragg. Strahan says he had to stand up for himself, or he’d risk losing the respect of teammates.

Michael Strahan: Why would I use a mouthguard?

Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Strahan – whose NFL career spanned 15 seasons – discusses his decisions to play through pain and the increasing medication during his final years. Strahan also shows the effects on his finger, but says he feels great today.

Emotional Michael Strahan: I wanted to make dad proud

Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Strahan candidly details the phone call with his proud father – after the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007 – that assured Michael it was OK to retire from the NFL. Strahan also looks back on career highlights, including his Hall of Fame induction and the Giants winning the Super Bowl.

Michael Strahan: I’m afraid to fail

Michael Strahan says he’s motivated by a constant fear or failure, emphasizes how good luck is derived from hard work and recounts intense, post-practice workouts that paid dividends in the 4th quarter.

Michael Strahan: Lessons learned from marriages

Michael Strahan shares his approach to managing a busy work schedule alongside his personal life that includes serving as a father and role model to four kids. The seven-time Pro Bowler – who retired from the NFL at 36 – says it’s important his kids see his hard work firsthand and offers his thoughts on marriage today.

Michael Strahan: I will retire soon?

Michael Strahan – who has an array of business interests and multiple TV gigs – says he’s busier today than he’s ever been. The Pro Football Hall of Famer looks back on his entry into television and says he plans to end his TV career before viewers get sick of him.

Michael Strahan: My partner Tom Brady

Michael Strahan talks of creating a media production company with Tom Brady and Gotham Chopra, and how Brady’s presence adds another level to it’s pursuit of excellence.

Michael Strahan: Cherishing first big purchase

Michael Strahan on why an old BMX bike is one of his two most valuable possessions, as it’s the first thing he had to work to earn.

Jessie Armstead: Michael Strahan was a nightmare

Five-time Pro Bowl linebacker Jessie Armstead – who played alongside Michael Strahan for nine seasons with the Giants – shares stories to illustrate the stark contrast between Strahan’s on-field and off-field personality.