Russell Westbrook

Graham sits down with superstar point guard, Russell Westbrook, in Oklahoma City. The six-time NBA All-Star addresses the bad press he’s received, why he plays the game mad and his much publicized relationship with former teammate, Kevin Durant. He also discusses his upbringing in South Central L.A. and the desire to express himself through fashion (taped December 2014).

Russell Westbrook


Russell Westbrook: I own 1,000 pairs of shoes

Russell Westbrook discusses his love of fashion, his line at Barneys and owning a thousand pairs of shoes

Russell Westbrook: It’s confidence, not cockiness

Russell Westbrook says he is blessed with self-confidence and admits he’s actually pretty shy

Russell Westbrook: Why I play mad

Russell Westbrook says he plays with a chip on his shoulder and takes getting scored on personally

Russell Westbrook: I never planned to go pro

Russell Westbrook says basketball was just a means for a free education; he was not thinking about the NBA

Thunder down: Russell Westbrook on fan loyalty

Russell Westbrook recalls the Thunder’s tough inaugural season and unwavering fan support

Russell Westbrook: Parents shielded me from L.A. gangs

Russell Westbrook on constant violence in South Central L.A. and how his parents kept him out of trouble

Russell Westbrook on losing his best friend

Russell Westbrook remembers the death of his best friend, Khelcey Barrs, and why he wears his initials every game

Russell Westbrook: An honor to represent Team USA

Russell Westbrook discusses playing for Team USA and the most emotional part of winning gold

Russell Westbrook: Kevin Durant works harder than me

Russell Westbrook says he and Kevin Durant yelled at and challenged each other, and it only brought them closer

The media criticism is nonsense

Russell Westbrook shares why he doesn’t care to understand media criticism as well as why he prefers privacy

aring for his 2018 fight against Rocky Fielding.