Vince young

Graham talks with the recently-retired, two-time Pro Bowl quarterback, Vince Young. The 2006 Rookie of the Year talks about his fallout with Coach Jeff Fisher and the Tennessee Titans, getting into and rebounding from bankruptcy and the passing of his friend and father figure, Steve McNair. Young also looks back on his Rose Bowl championship with the University of Texas and his post-NFL careers at the university, as an analyst with the Longhorn Network and as owner of Vince Young Steakhouse in Austin.

vince young


Vince Young: I can still play ball, but needed to move on

Vince Young talks about surrounding himself with a new team of advisors and their help in planning his future

Vince Young on the bike accident that almost took his life

As a kid, Vince Young was hit by a car and spent months in the hospital recovering from life-threatening injuries

Vince Young on growing up surrounded by drugs, alcohol, sex

Vince Young describes a childhood of poverty and being exposed to sex, drugs and drinking at an early age

Vince Young: Mom said I would be dead, crippled or in jail

After harsh words from his mom following a fight at school, Vince Young vowed to make better decisions

Vince Young: I try to be a better father than my dad was

Vince Young opens up about how the lack of a relationship with his own dad influences his efforts as a parent

Vince Young: High School coach made me take speech, drama

Vince Young on success in high school football and his coach’s advice to prepare for oncoming media coverage

Vince Young’s “free” advice during Rose Bowl-winning drive

Vince Young recalls the excitement of leading the Texas Longhorns to a championship and his legacy in Austin

Vince Young still struggling with Steve McNair’s murder

Vince Young on his bond with his father-figure and late NFL quarterback, Steve McNair, who was murdered in 2009

Vince Young: I wish I would have just shut up and played football

Vince Young reflects on what he would change from his NFL career but says he wants nothing to do with the league

Vince Young: Being QB brought wrong kind of attention

Vince Young on his strained relationship with the media and how he handles his new role in front of the camera

Vince Young on bankruptcy: I hope I can be an example

Vince Young discusses lessons learned from his financial mistakes, most notably: not signing power of attorney

A look at Vince Young’s new roles on campus and on TV

Vince Young on working in Diversity & Community Engagement, plus he joins Ricky Williams for a production meeting

Vince Young gives Graham a taste of Texas at his restaurant

Vince Young treats Graham to a meal at Vince Young Steakhouse; Graham also talks with Vince’s wife and son