Ice Cube

Graham spends a couple days in Las Vegas with rapper, producer and BIG3 league co-founder, Ice Cube. The entertainment icon offers up stories from his upbringing in South Central Los Angeles, including a life-altering felony that never played out and his introduction to Dr. Dre. Cube also addresses his strongest passions today, including family life, his political pursuits on behalf of the black community and the BIG3 pro basketball three-on-three league he co-founded in 2017. Later, we catch up with BIG3 stars Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Lisa Leslie and Clyde Drexler to get their takes on the league and Cube’s leadership.



Steph Curry to Ice Cube: Advice for pivoting into acting?

Actor, rapper and producer Ice Cube offers up advice for Steph Curry, who says he may be interested in acting roles once he retires from the NBA. Cube leans into advice he received from actor Laurence Fishburne while on the set of “Boyz N the Hood,” who told him to bring his personality and experience to the table.

Ice Cube’s BIG3 inspired by Kobe Bryant’s final season

BIG3 co-founders Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz discuss the league’s origin story and how a 50-point performance from Kobe Bryant during his final season inspired the idea. Cube and Kwatinetz talk of the public’s evolving perception of the league, the pivot from proactively selling to reactively receiving opportunities and their hopes to recruit Carmelo Anthony after he retires from the NBA.

 Ice Cube: Nearly killed a neighbor over $20

Ice Cube looks back on his upbringing and recalls a rash decision that nearly changed his life, when he and some friends nearly killed a high school classmate for conning Cube’s mom out of $20. The rapper, actor and producer also reflects on how the murder of his half sister made him a more serious person and separately, why Cube mirrored the same disciplinary approach that his parents implemented years ago.

Ice Cube: Mom worried about my lyrics, until she saw the $$$

Rapper, actor and producer Ice Cube shares stories from his introduction to hip hop and his early music career, including guidance from Dr. Dre, writing his first rap lyrics during keyboarding class and seizing the moment when inspiration hits, regardless of the time of day.

Ice Cube: Smashing up record label office to find the truth

Ice Cube reflects on an intense moment when he was promised money from his record label – Priority Records – and then that promise was “forgotten.” After smashing up the office of Priority Records president Bryan Turner, the label was able to deliver on it’s initial promise: a $100,000 cash advancement on Cube’s next record so he could purchase a home for his growing family. 

Ice Cube: Cops are the biggest gang in the neighborhood

Ice Cube shares stories from his interactions with law enforcement, including how undercover cops ended a N.W.A. concert, laughing off a letter from the FBI and getting illegally searched as a child. Plus, Cube responds to criticism that his rap lyrics in the late 80s and early 90s were anti-women, anti-Semitic and anti-Asian. Cube calls the criticism ridiculous and says his lyrics talk about anyone and everyone; no one gets a free pass.

Ice Cube: Trump took the meeting that Democrats wouldn’t

Actor, rapper and producer Ice Cube explains why he’s advocating for a shift in focus from civil rights to economic development within his “Contract with Black America.” Cube also looks back on a Fall 2020 meeting with then President Donald Trump and explains why he feels it’s important for black Americans to engage with both political parties. 

Ice Cube: Warner Bros. is horrible for Black creators

Ice Cube and his fellow BIG3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz discuss Cube’s shaky tenure with Warner Bros. and the entertainment conglomerate’s history of releasing films starring black actors. Cube also questions the journalistic integrity of a July 2021 Wall Street Journal article featuring the dispute between himself and Warner Bros. while Kwatinetz cites an unnamed congressman who says Warner Bros. needs to pay for its atrocities to Black Americans.

Ice Cube: Future wife first turned me down

Ice Cube looks back on the time he first laid eyes on his now wife, Kim (Woodruff) Jackson, and how she turned him down during their first meeting. He goes on to describe the marriage proposal, her disinterest in fame and her constant contributions to his success.

Ice Cube: Loyal ‘til the end, for those who deserve it

Ice Cube talks about his calm, unrelenting approach to life while his business partner and BIG3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz praises Cube’s loyalty… for those who are deserving.

BIG3 stars on Ice Cube: Dr. J, Clyde Drexler, Lisa Leslie respond

We catch up with Ice Cube and some of his BIG3 basketball legends prior to the kickoff of the league’s 2021 season. Cube drains a 4-pointer on his first attempt while BIG3 stars respond, including “Dr. J” Julius Erving, Lisa Leslie, Nancy Lieberman, John Salley, Clyde Drexler and Royce White.

Lindsey Vonn: I saved a girl from suicide

An emotional Lindsey Vonn opens up about using her sport, and her position as a star athlete, to help others. The Lindsey Vonn Foundation provides scholarships and programming for education, sports, and enrichment programs for young people. Vonn recounts connecting with one girl who attended the Strong Girls camp, and later wrote to Vonn, saying prior to camp, she self-harmed, and wanted to kill herself. The camp and Foundation helped her, and Vonn says that made all of her career struggles worthwhile. Plus, Vonn talks about “career day,” a program she developed during quarantine to help mentor and inspire young people.