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Poker player turned Instagram influencer and entrepreneur Dan Bilzerian invites Graham to his Las Vegas estate for an interactive tour of his adult playground and a candid conversation. Bilzerian shares jaw-dropping stories of privately battling billionaires at the poker table and how he leveraged winnings to build his playboy persona. Now the founder and CEO of IGNITE, he talks of pivoting the business model in hopes of a windfall sale and aspirations to eventually settle down and recalibrate his promiscuous, party-centric lifestyle. Dan Bilzerian Signed Book Sweeptakes Rules .

Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian: Crossing Mexican border with steroids in my rectum

Dan Bilzerian describes his steroid usage, fondness for Quaaludes and the unpleasant experience of smuggling steroids across the Mexican border using a condom and lube.

Touring Dan Bilzerian’s 41,500 sq. ft. adult playground

Dan Bilzerian offers an exclusive tour of his latest digs – a 41,500 square-foot estate in Las Vegas that features seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, an indoor basketball court, batting cage, tortoise pool, paintball field and garage complete with a Shelby Cobra, a Bentley, Rolls-Royce and a Cadillac SUV.

Dan Bilzerian the author: ‘I’m pretty misunderstood’

Instagram king and poker player Dan Bilzerian explains the motivations behind writing his memoir “The Setup” and previews that an audiobook is forthcoming.

Dan Bilzerian: Made millions off trust fund perception

Dan Bilzerian talks of his early days wrestling with a gambling addiction, going broke and asking his parents for money.

Dan Bilzerian: Bluffing billionaires

Playboy Dan Bilzerian shares stories from his high-stakes, private poker games against millionaires and billionaires, including Alec Gores and the late Sam Magid.

Dan Bilzerian: Watching my trust fund fall from $96M to $1.5M

Dan Bilzerian looks back on signing over a third of his trust fund to free his father, watching that future payout diminish and winning roughly $70M from three wealthy men during private poker matches.

Dan Bilzerian defends IGNITE corporate expenses, $50M loss

CEO/founder of IGNITE Dan Bilzerian explains recent events that pushed his brand and company under the microscope and why he pivoted the business model away from cannabis.

Dan Bilzerian: Sex and drugs for Justin Bieber at Cannes

Dan Bilzerian remembers partying with Justin Bieber at Cannes Film Festival and when Bieber popped a Quaalude (Methaqualone) then went on to have sex with a woman after Bilzerian.

Dan Bilzerian: Money isn’t the answer… but I’m still chasing it


Dan Bilzerian – one of the largest social media influencers in the world – shares some of the best financial advice he received, explains intricacies behind high-stakes poker strategies vs. billionaire Alec Gores and reflects on the pros and cons of growing his online celebrity over the years – to the point where his Instagram posts will outperform A-list celebrities including The Rock and the Kardashians.

Dan Bilzerian: Dad told us there’s no chance he’d go to jail


Millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian shares some of the obstacles he and his family endured during his childhood, including his dad Paul Bilzerian going to jail, Dan getting bounced around across seven schools in five years and when Dan ended up in jail for a few weeks himself. Plus, Dan shares some of the life lessons learned from his father, including how a bed-making tutorial illustrated the monetary value of his dad’s time.

Dan Bilzerian: Heartache that comes with sex addiction

Dan Bilzerian tells all as he opens up about the logistics required to fuel his sex addiction, the one time he fell in love and the guard rails he puts up today to prevent future heartache. Bilzerian continues by sharing stories of a night involving him and nine women, a dry spell that lasted 14 days and his desire to one day have a child, among other related topics.