Best of season 11

Graham and the crew reflect on the most memorable moments from Season 11, including heartfelt conversations with stars including Dak Prescott and Kevin Love, life-threatening ride-alongs with Canelo Alvarez and Lindsey Vonn, plus a surprise for Tom Hanks and a “mighty personal” call out from Matthew McConaughey.


Dak Prescott – Our most emotional interview to date

 Graham and the team look back at their first in-person interview since the dawn of the coronavirus pandemic, featuring Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. They remember somber moments as both Dak and his brother Tad reflect on the passing of their brother Jace, and the more fun times with Dak on his property.

False perceptions of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte

Graham and the In Depth team recount their time with 12-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte. Graham notes his false perception of Ryan heading into the interview and how Ryan’s reputation took an unfair hit due to one exaggeration. The crew remembers the emotional interview and an expectedly one-sided race. 

Hitting it off with Tom Hanks until 2AM!

Graham and the crew share their fond memories of the marathon interview with superstar Tom Hanks. He reveals dark moments from his dad’s childhood, the delight of a question from Kelly Slater and Graham shares a text from Bob Costas worth saving, among other things. 

Fearing for my life alongside Lindsey Vonn

 A portion of Lindsey Vonn’s Instagram bio reads, “Living life in the fast lane. I don’t do slow.” Graham and the team found out just how true that is when they spent the day with Lindsey at her home in Park City, Utah. Graham remembers fearing for his life as she drove 50 miles over the speed limit through windy mountain roads, multiple fails during a workout session and an emotional interview as she reflected on the positive impact of her foundation.

Keeping it awkward with Kevin Love and Kate Bock

We’re looking back on the memorable moments from our time in New York with five-time NBA All-Star Kevin Love. Specifically, we cover the timeline that led us to landing an interview with Kevin, Graham’s awkward question for him and his now-fiancee Kate Bock and when Kevin nailed a deep three-pointer on his first try. 

Producer Brian Grazer on hustling in Hollywood  

Graham and the team look back on the highlights from their time with legendary Hollywood producer Brian Grazer, including why it was one of Graham’s favorite conversations of the year and getting access to both filmmaker Ron Howard and former Disney CEO Bob Iger, who offered up stories about Brian. Later, the crew give Graham grief for his bicycle mishap and praise for his blow dart accuracy. 

Our time with Matthew McConaughey… while LeBron patiently waits

We share memorable moments from Graham’s long-form interview with A-list actor Matthew McConaughey, including the connectivity issue that delayed the shoot 30 minutes (which eventually delayed his interview LeBron James), Matthew’s cool response to Graham’s awkward question and the crew’s admiration for Matthew’s pivot away from romantic comedies.

Under the hood with NASCAR champ Kyle Busch

After a couple years of pursuing an episode taping with two-time NASCAR Cup Series champ Kyle Busch, our friends at Toyota helped the request cross the goal line. Graham and the crew share their fondness for Kyle and his family, as we got the pleasure of also spending time with his son Brexton, wife Samantha, father Tom and brother Kurt, among others. Later, Graham “accidentally” runs his RC car into producer Ashton’s leg.

Annika Sorenstam interview lands crew at Capitol riot

Graham and the crew look back on their coincidental placement in Washington D.C. the day of the Capitol riots. They recall how the turmoil initially led to the crew landing exclusive access to Annika Sorenstam’s Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony, until some of that access was revoked at the last minute. A month later, we catch up with Annika at her home in Florida, where Graham flexes his athletic prowess by smashing golf balls and dominating on the pickleball court.

Fighting a language barrier for an exclusive with Canelo Alvarez

Graham and the In Depth crew remember their time in Guadalajara with world boxing champ, Canelo Alvarez. They recall how COVID-19 canceled the trip just hours before they were to board a plane, but luckily were able to reschedule with Canelo for a month later. Plus, we hear how they overcame the language barrier and behind-the-scenes stories from Graham’s time with Canelo on his horses and in his high-performance buggy. 

Permission to come aboard Ray Dalio’s OceanXplorer?

Graham and the crew remember the interview with billionaire and ocean explorer, Ray Dalio… plus they make their case for a future interview aboard Ray’s high-tech ship, OceanXplorer. They remember some of the more poignant conversation topics and separately, when producer Brad stepped in to mess up everything.