David Blaine

We’re at David Blaine’s home in New York City for the season debut episode, where the magician and endurance artist wows our crew with an array of card tricks and stunts. David explains the life-changing circumstances that led to his reputation today as a world-renowned illusionist, and opens up about fatherhood and how parenting has altered his professional processes. Plus, the notoriously private performer reveals what it’s like to date a magician and the health issues associated with his record-breaking stunts, like holding his breath for 17 minutes or going 44 days without food. 

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David Blaine: How a TED Talk eased my fear of public speaking

David Blaine explains his trepidation that went into his 2010 TED Talk. David talks of months of full-day preparations prior to stepping onto the TED stage, plus researching primordial behaviors to better understand why so many – himself included – face a fear of public speaking.

David Blaine: Lived in friend’s pantry room when TV special debuted

David Blaine explains the path he forged when landing his first big break – an hour-long broadcast special on ABC. David remembers connecting with then president of ABC Ted Harbert and Graham throws a curveball into the mix with a special video message from Ted. Later, David talks of the evolving mindset of viewers and his trouble with producing magic as short-form content. 

David Blaine: How a card trick changed my life

David Blaine walks us through the circumstances that fueled his passion and pursuit of magic. David remembers a librarian in Brooklyn who showed him a card trick, lessons from counselors at magic camp and a summer in Southern France with billionaire Jeffrey Steiner. 

David Blaine: My insane, overwhelming superstitions

David Blaine offers anecdotes to illustrate how superstitions impact his day-to-day life. Plus, he explains how procrastination plays to his strengths and dishes on several details pertaining to his first ever residency in Las Vegas.

David Blaine: Mom found poverty after running from mafia wealth

David Blaine reflects on the contrasting lives of his parents, including the many ways his mother showered him with love and the stark, brief lessons from his predominantly absent father. 

David Blaine: The art of swallowing swords, frogs

David Blaine conveys his all-consuming dedication to his craft, and his fixation with handling playing cards. Plus, David shares how Harry Houdini evolved his approach when blending magic with reality and shows Graham first-hand how he trained for swallowing live frogs. 

David Blaine: Long-term health problems after stunts

David Blaine reveals some of the health issues he wrestles with as a result of his stunts and endurance feats, including everything from losing enamel on his teeth to a risk of death while coming out of a 44-day fast. David details how his brain and thoughts evolved while refusing food, while losing 60 lbs. and experiencing a 33% reduction in bone mass.

David Blaine: The hardest stunt to-date, by far

David Blaine walks us through two of his most impressive endurance tests: surviving 63 hours in a block of ice and holding his breath while underwater on the set of Oprah. David calls his nearly three days in ice the hardest feat to-date and explains why he would never attempt the stunt again. Later, he remembers breaking the Guinness World Record alongside Oprah Winfrey and says he was certain he would black out. 

David Blaine: Freaking out at Harrison Ford’s house

David Blaine on finding inspiration from famous predecessors, including drinking kerosene to breath fire and catching a bullet in his mouth – a stunt that has taken the lives of at least a dozen magicians. Later, the world-class performer shares the irony of escaping his 2020 balloon stunt “Ascension” injury free, only to suffer a serious ankle injury a year later during a recreational skydive with a friend.

David Blaine: The truth about dating a magician

David Blaine opens up about his mindset as a magician, and how it presents difficulties when deciding whether or not to let someone into his inner circle. David goes on to gush about life as a father to his daughter Dessa, calling his role as her dad the most rewarding, fulfilling experience of his life.

David Blaine: Wisdom after a Mike Tyson mishap

Master magician, illusionist and stunt artist David Blaine offers anecdotes when asked about his interactions with numerous celebrities, including Mike Tyson, President George Bush, Madonna and Bobby Fischer. 

Buried alive or frozen in time? Rapid fire with David Blaine

David Blaine offers quick answers when forced to choose between two options, like being buried alive or frozen in time, illusions or street magic, and Conan O’Brien or Jimmy Fallon.

David Blaine: The antique poster only David Copperfield and I own

 David Blaine shows us around his antique poster collection featuring art from the greatest magicians of all time – Harry Houdini, Harry Kellar and Chung Ling Soo. One of the posters is so rare, Blaine said he and fellow magician David Copperfield are the only two people who have it. 

A closed fist and a $10 bill: David Blaine shocks with magic tricks

David Blaine shocks Graham, Graham’s girlfriend and the In Depth crew with an array of card tricks – performed at David’s house in New York City. The world-class illusionist somehow makes an imprint on Graham’s girlfriend’s palm and blows our minds using a unique identifier from a $10 bill. Plus, Blaine offers us a beginner’s lesson on how to conduct a simple yet shocking card trick.