Will Zalatoris

We’re in Dallas with ascending PGA star Will Zalatoris. The golfer offers his prediction for the eventual conclusion of LIV Golf’s battle for legitimacy and shares how marriage proposal logistics served as a positive distraction for a 2021 Masters run. Plus, we stop by Tony Romo’s home, where the Cowboys legend and Will joke about high-stakes putts during the PGA’s offseason and where Will, Tony and even Graham go at it during a closest-to-the-pin chipping competition.


Will Zalatoris: Crafting marriage proposal amidst Masters push

Will Zalatoris opens up about his relationship with his fiance Caitlin Sellers. He jokes of their “studying” at Wake Forest, plus the benefits of his marriage proposal in Austin two weeks after a career breakthrough at The Masters and how Caitlin helps him handle immense pressure.

Will Zalatoris: My parents sacrificed so I could pursue dreams

Will Zalatoris – the 2021 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year – reflects on how his parents leaned into his early passion for golf, and how his role as an only child likely groomed his passion for the largely solitary sport. Plus, Will explains how his parents’ approach prevented burnout and his appreciation for their sacrifices along the way.

Will Zalatoris: 14 years of losing to Jordan Spieth

Will Zalatoris looks back on junior golf competitions against childhood rivals Jordan Spieth and Scottie Scheffler, and recognizes his fortuitous circumstances of growing up alongside both a current and former No. 1-ranked pro. Zalatoris recalls Spieth’s young confidence and maturity, and explains how Spieth’s rise through the ranks encouraged his two childhood rivals to follow suit. 

Will Zalatoris at rock bottom: Am I cut out for this?

Will Zalatoris discloses a couple periods of disappointment and how he thrived in the rebound after finding rock bottom. He talks of college recruitment opportunities drying up after a growth spurt altered his game and a 0-for-25 drought upon entry into the Korn Ferry Tour.

Will Zalatoris: Admiring Rob Gronkowski’s money management

PGA star Will Zalatoris shares his passion for gaining financial knowledge, including taking a similar approach to money management as future Pro Football Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski. Zalatoris expresses his disinterest in luxurious purchases and how he’s having fun with a financial investment in a biodegradable plasticware company called PlantSwitch. 

Will Zalatoris: My Tiger Woods regret

Will Zalatoris – the 2021 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year – shows his admiration for Tiger Woods and his interest in playing a round with Tiger at least once. Will walks us through a hypothetical scenario of asking his friend Tony Romo for an introduction to Tiger and remembers getting starstruck when recognized by Tiger at the Open Championship.

Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack? Rapid fire with Will Zalatoris

Will Zalatoris takes his pick when offered two choices like Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack and being forced to pick between two of his best friends – Tony Romo and Jordan Spieth.

Will Zalatoris on LIV Golf: No amount of money would change my mind

 Will Zalatoris offers his thoughts on the evolution of professional golf, including how LIV Golf doesn’t mesh with his primary goal and his disinterest in making career moves based on money. Zalatoris says he’d compete in a U.S. Open for even a $100,000 purse and expresses his contentment with his PGA earnings to-date. The PGA’s 2021 Rookie of the Year goes on to predict that pro golfers will eventually be allowed to participate in both PGA and LIV Golf tournaments.

Will Zalatoris: A tour of my “First Loser” collection

Ascending PGA star Will Zalatoris remembers validating and tearful moments from his rocket-propelled rise into the world rankings, including a life-changing week at the 2021 Masters and confidence boost after the PGA Championship. Plus, Will shows off his collection of second place trophies – which he jokingly calls his “first loser collection” – and remembers questioning the authenticity of Arnold Palmer’s perfect signature.

Will Zalatoris: Tony Romo predicted my breakout at The Masters

We’re in Tony Romo’s backyard with the former Cowboys QB turned CBS sportscaster and PGA star Will Zalatoris, where the two friends look back on how Romo’s advice helped Zalatoris during his swift rise into mainstream stardom. They talk of Romo accurately predicting when Zalatoris would break out as a budding PGA star and how Romo helped by creating pressure situations while out on the course for casual rounds.

Will Zalatoris: 75% of PGA players are Rory McIlroy copycats

Will Zalatoris offers his admiration for Rory McIlroy, including Rory’s intelligent, introspective comments and level-headed approach to any issues surrounding their sport. Will jokes that he would vote Rory McIlroy for President if he could and says that 75% of the league just waits to hear what Rory thinks about an issue, then rephrases his thoughts into their own words.

Will Zalatoris: My go-to meals

We grab lunch with PGA star Will Zalatoris and his childhood coach David Price: a golf legend who has refereed at 45 professional major championships – 28 PGA Championships and 17 Masters – as well as at nine Ryder Cups. Price reflects on Zalatoris’ commitment to excellence, even as an 11-year-old while Zalatoris dives in to take down some of his favorite dishes.

Will Zalatoris: Jordan Spieth is the king of prank wars

Will Zalatoris lets us in on some funny naming conventions for his clubs and why he’s hesitant to step into prank wars with childhood pal Jordan Spieth. Will offers an example of when Jordan elevated a prank war vs. Justin Thomas to a new level, plus shares some of his playful jabs with fellow Wake Forest alum Cameron Young. 

Will Zalatoris: The missed putt I can’t stop thinking about

Will Zalatoris – the 2021 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year – explains why he’s intentional about difficult practices and says he’s terrible at taking time off. Plus, Will demonstrates his claw putting grip and says he thinks about a dramatic missed putt at the 2022 U.S. Open every day while he’s practicing.