Smart Money

On a special episode of In Depth, some of the biggest names in sports talk about their experiences with money. From tennis legend Novak Djokovic to action sports star Tony Hawk, they share the valuable lessons they’ve learned, and how they used hard work to reach financial stability. Guests include Danica Patrick, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Romo, Billie Jean King, Charles Barkley, Scott Hamilton and more.

Smart Money


Emmitt Smith: No lessons in finance as a poor kid

Emmitt Smith remembers growing up with very little and how he didn’t become financially literate until his first NFL contract.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Real estate mogul?

Arnold Schwarzenegger details his approach to earning his first million dollars, which came via a commitment to saving money and investing in real estate

Charles Barkley: Michael Jordan doesn’t like me anymore

Charles Barkley explains why Michael Jordan is like a brother to him and when – as a NBA analyst on TNT – he upset Jordan by voicing an opinion that he wasn’t doing a good job as owner of the Charlotte Bobcats / Hornets. Barkley goes on to say it’s his job to remain honest on TV and that he thinks the relationship can be repaired.

Novak Djokovic: Parents taught me to save

Novak Djokovic says his parents and the environment he grew up in helped him learn to be smart about his money. He says his circumstances taught him that you must value money with respect because you have to work hard to earn it.

Danica Patrick: Why I started racing

Danica Patrick opens up about how she was motivated to get into kart racing because it meant she could spend more time with her family, especially her father.

Scott Hamilton: Parents teetered on bankruptcy for me

Scott Hamilton talks about the many sacrifices his parents endured so he could pursue his passion of figure skating, how his mom’s cancer treatments initially put an expiration date on his competitive skating and the sponsors that came through to keep Scott’s momentum going

Tom Hanks: I couldn’t afford rent

Tom Hanks did not always have the finances of a successful actor. The Oscar winner describes how he fed his family on just $45 a week, having to borrow money from producers while filming his breakthrough role for Bosom Buddies, and the karmic revenge he’s gotten on a bank that wouldn’t cash his unemployment check.

Lindsey Vonn on money: I saved wherever I could

Lindsey Vonn never knew when her career might end, so she saved at any given opportunity. She says she never really bought anything, except for her homes.

Kevin Harvick’s career began in kindergarten

Kevin Harvick talks about growing up racing and how he was responsible for managing finances by 4th grade

Billie Jean King: Mom’s brilliant budgeting lesson

Billie Jean King discusses her upbringing and the first time she stepped into the spotlight, after upsetting the No. 1 seed at Wimbledo

Craig Robinson: From poor to Princeton

Craig Robinson shares an early lessons in money management, hard work and college selection from his father, who enabled him to attend Princeton University despite living on tight budget.

Tony Hawk: Lowest point in my career

Tony Hawk remembers the skating industry suffering, the drastic financial impact and a career low-point

Kelly Slater: I was 21, world champ and broke

Kelly Slater discusses his family’s struggle for make ends meet financially as he was a child and going broke despite earning in his first million dollars early twenties. He reflects on how the experiences taught him the importance of managing his own finances.