Brett Favre

Graham sits down with Brett Favre in his Hattiesburg, Miss. office. The NFL legend sets the record straight on his relationship with Aaron Rodgers and discussions that led to his initial retirement from the Packers. Favre also remembers tough love from his father, beating his addiction to pain pills and playing every game like it was his last.

Brett Favre


Brett Favre on getting outrun by old ladies at 5K

A newly retired Brett Favre gained 25 lbs., ran a 5K in 48 minutes, then turned it all around.

Brett Favre as offensive coordinator?

Brett Favre applied a talk with Mike Holmgren to a high school QB and describes the feeling of winning as coach.

Brett Favre on beating up bros. with BBs, bricks, bats

Brett Favre tells stories from his childhood, including a BB gun accident, a brick fight and a wasp nest.

Brett Favre: Dad never said I made him proud

Brett Favre on tough love from his dad and immense pressure to honor him one day after his death.

Brett Favre: No one has job security in the NFL

Brett Favre said he started for 321 consecutive games because he was always worried about losing the job.

Brett Favre on quitting Vicodin: I shook every night

Brett Favre speaks openly about his addiction to painkillers, feeding his habit and how he quit cold turkey.

Brett Favre on last concussion, countless others

Brett Favre recounts the last concussion of his career and doesn’t waste time worrying about long-term effects.

Brett Favre: Not my job to mentor Aaron Rodgers

Brett Favre said his job was to help the Packers win games, not take Aaron Rodgers or anyone else under his wing.

Brett Favre: I was wrong for retiring early

Brett Favre said he was not confident when retiring in 2008 and explains the rushed decision.

Brett Favre: Why I un-retired for one last season

Brett Favre on how a devastating loss in the NFC championship pushed him to return.

Brett Favre’s wisdom after two decades in NFL

Brett Favre on why interceptions and losses are defining, and how he played every game like it was his last.

Brett Favre on wife’s cancer battle, fundraising

Brett Favre discusses the $9 million his foundation raised to fight breast cancer and help disadvantaged kids.