Jesse James

Graham sits down with the mastermind behind “West Coast Choppers,” Jesse James in his shop in Austin, Texas. James opens up about his troubled youth that included fights, stealing and jail time and how it cost him his promising football career. James also discusses the backlash from his highly-publicized divorce from Sandra Bullock, a possible “Monster Garage” comeback and his new business, manufacturing custom firearms.

Jesse James


Jesse James: I had football offers from every D-1 school

Jesse James discusses his accomplished football career through high school, and getting revenge on a bully QB

Jesse James on stealing an Olympian’s Porsche

Jesse James remembers stealing cars as a kid and confessing to Scott Hamilton on the set of “The Apprentice”

How jail ruined Jesse James’ promising football career

Flush with scholarship offers to play D-1 football, Jesse James lost them all after his dad sent him to jail

Jesse James on fame: I should be under a car not on a red carpet

Jesse James discusses the pressures of his growing business: more employees, fame and the Hollywood lifestyle

The fire and fight that tore Jesse James and his father apart

Jesse James opens up about his physically abusive dad, and how he rebuilt a relationship with his mom

Jesse James recalls the night a boy died in his arms

Jesse James discusses his days as a bodyguard for some big name bands and the pitfalls that came with it

Jesse James: I’m motivated by the impossible

Jesse James talks about his creative process, his dedication to metalworking and staying unique

Discovery Channel joke: Jesse James is bigger than Jesus

Jesse James looks back on the overwhelming success of the documentary that led to his Discovery Channel show

How Jesse James sold $100 million in product in 60 days

Jesse James details his revolutionary licensing deal with Walmart after taking Kid Rock’s advice

Jesse James on bringing “Monster Garage” back right away

Jesse James says the show could return to TV and discusses why it’s the yardstick for anything else he does

Jesse James on the big break that made him famous

Jesse James started out welding fenders for others; things took off when he realized he could do it better

Jesse James: Why I won’t make a bike for Sylvester Stallone

Jesse James has made bikes for many athletes, and most wrestlers, but has no problem turning down customers

Jesse James on Sandra Bullock: I took it right on the chin

Jesse James says he accepts the media backlash, but shouldn’t have lost his adopted son after Bullock breakup

Why Jesse James chose to go to rehab

Jesse James on his decision to go to rehab after the fallout with Sandra Bullock, and why it was so rewarding

Jesse James: With wife Alexis, I can finally be myself

Jesse James on his marriage to racer Alexis DeJoria, working on her race team, and why she understands him

Jesse James on guns: A ‘higher calling’ than making bikes

Jesse James explains how a hobby led to his firearm business, and working with law enforcement and military

Ready, aim, fire! Jesse James tests his custom firearms

Jesse James and Graham Bensinger are on-target at the range on James’ property when shooting his custom guns