Blake Griffin

Graham spends the day in Brooklyn with six-time NBA All-Star Blake Griffin. The power forward recounts several life-changing moments, including a scary break-in with his child asleep in a nearby room and lessons learned from his interracial parents. Plus, he discusses his comedic inspirations and endeavors, uncomfortable encounters with former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and other stories from his tenure in the league. Later, we go to Brooklyn Bridge Park where Blake surprises fans and shoots around with one lucky boy.



Nikki Glaser asks Blake Griffin about comedic lines, Kendall Jenner

NBA star Blake Griffin responds to comedian Nikki Glaser, who asks about the origins of Blake’s humor. The six-time NBA All-Star says it likely stems from his place as the youngest in his family, as humor was one way he could get attention. Later, Nikki cracks a joke to Blake about Kendall Jenner.

Blake Griffin: Biracial parents taught me to rise above haters

NBA star Blake Griffin opens up about his appreciation for his mother, Gail and father, Tommy. He shares stories including why they decided to homeschool Blake and his brother, Taylor, and gets into their upbringing as a biracial family. Blake says he learned a lot from watching his parents brush off detractors, as no one could rattle the love they have for each other.

Blake Griffin: Microwaves are TERRIBLE for you

NBA star Blake Griffin talks of his interests in health and wellness, which likely stems from his mother… whom Blake says is as close to a nutritionist as you can get without official certification. The six-time NBA All-Star talks of his research into biohacking and its potential to slow the aging process, gaining a stronger understanding of food sensitivity and why he avoids microwaving food at all costs.

Blake Griffin: The benefits of seeing a therapist

NBA star Blake Griffin rattles off the many injuries he’s endured throughout his basketball career, including a 2017 injury during the first round of the playoffs, which Blake says was the hardest on his mental health. He continues by detailing the benefits of seeing a therapist and ramping up meditation sessions.

Blake Griffin: Wasn’t mature enough to question Donald Sterling

NBA star Blake Griffin remembers taking a deep dive into researching Donald Sterling prior to the 2009 NBA Draft, and finding some sketchy search results. Blake says he was too immature to fully wrap his head around or confront Sterling’s allegations. The six-time All-Star looks back on an uncomfortable party in which he was ushered around by Sterling and talks about the Clippers’ paradigm shift once new team owner Steve Balmer purchased the NBA franchise in 2014.

Blake Griffin: My awkward Clippers departure

Six months after the Clippers’ front office put together a large production to woo Blake Griffin to sign a five-year deal worth $171 million, they traded him to the Detroit Pistons. Blake walks us through how events unfolded, from a faux jersey retirement ceremony to awkwardness from the Clippers’ GM and eventually learning of his next NBA stop via a tweet from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.  


Blake Griffin: Kevin Durant texting me to bring my ass to Brooklyn

NBA star Blake Griffin looks back on when Kevin Durant started texting about joining him on the Brooklyn Nets, plus Griffin looks back on playing against Durant during AAU ball in high school and says that Durant’s love for the sport is all-consuming and authentic.

Blake Griffin: CHILLS as 3 masked men entered my home

NBA star Blake Griffin describes a frightening incident in 2016 as he watched three masked men enter his home… while his two-year-old son was asleep in another room. Griffin says the police arrived quickly and called in a search helicopter, and they later caught the perpetrators after realizing it was the same men who broke into DeAndre Jordan’s home two weeks earlier. Blake also expresses his admiration for Brooklyn Nets fans and his new neighborhood in lower Manhattan, plus he talks of finding structure with friends during the early days of the pandemic.

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